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Initial "current" in unvisited thread pane should be at the end of the sort


(Thunderbird :: Mail Window Front End, enhancement)



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This is a very minor UI issue!  Applies to 1.5 branch/trunk builds of 
Thunderbird (follows up bug 302516).

When a folder is selected in the folder pane (and "remember last message" is not 
being used or does not pertain), the thread pane's "current" indicator is set to 
the item at the top of the visible list.  When the pane is sorted in ascending 
order, this choice appears somewhat arbitrary, as it's usually somewhere in the 
middle of a list of messages.

Instead, TB should set the "current" to the item at the end of the sort -- for a 
descending sort, this will be the topmost item, but for an ascending sort, it 
will be the bottommost item.
Summary: Initial "current" in unvisited folder pane should be at the end of the sort → Initial "current" in unvisited thread pane should be at the end of the sort
Blocks: 282190
Steps to see this bug:
1) turn off "remember last message"
2) Sort a folder by Date, Ascending
3) Leave the folder, then revisit it
4) Type F6 or Ctrl+Tab to shift focus to Thread pane.

Actual results:
'current' indicator (seen as dashed outline) on item at top of pane
Expected results:
'current' on item at bottom of pane

If you type F8, F8 to hide and restore the Message pane, the scroll position has changed: the item with the 'current' is now at the bottom of the Thread pane, and the items below it are no longer visible.

If instead, when you first focus on the Thread pane, you type Ctrl+End, which moves the 'current' to the last item in the pane, hiding and restoring the Message pane reverts to the same scroll position it originally had.
QA Contact: front-end
Assignee: mscott → nobody
Severity: normal → S3
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