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Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code




13 years ago
4 months ago


(Reporter: Jack Eidsness, Unassigned)


Windows XP
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13 years ago
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In a perfect world, there would be no marquee, but since it exists, maybe it
should look 50% less awful.  It's always jumping around and is very hard to
read.  Since this problem has already been addressed with the most common
example of moving text, the scrolling of a perfectly ordinary window, I was
hoping that it could be used on marquee text as well.

I don't have a lot invested in seeing this happen, but I thought it was an idea
worth sharing once.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Use marquee tag
2. Try to read it
3. get mad

Actual Results:  
human eyes have mild difficulty tracking the letterforms

Expected Results:  
it would be no harder than reading text on a slow moving truck


13 years ago
Summary: Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code to → Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code to
That's not what IE6 is doing, is it?
The marquee implementation tries to mimick IE's implementation, so I think this
is invalid.
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Product: Firefox → Core
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Comment 2

13 years ago
As far as I can tell, they both faithfully jump as many pixels (scrollamount) as
the author specifies at the interval specified by the scrolldelay, with some
kind of limit on how often the contained page elements can be moved.  Speed can
be made up by bigger jumps, but the number of milliseconds... I have no idea how
to calculate what will be the smoothest scroll that actually allows reading of
text, considering that the width will vary from page to page as well as screen
to screen.

There is no way to specify an actual speed that looks smooth, yet is independant
of the capabilities of the displaying computer;  Obviously, if it were possible,
most authors would want the scrollamount to always be one, and the delay would
be as low as necessary to produce the desired speed.  I could not prove this,
but I suspect that the designers intent was to provide an interface for speed,
in two different attributes instead of one.  That may be wishful thinking on my

It's like reverse of the old joke where the policeman says "You were going 90
miles an hour" and the driver who responds "It's ok, I was only going to drive
another 15 miles"

Comment 3

12 years ago
I agree - this is not a bug (but there is lack of functionality, i.e. "truespeed" which I will submit on another bug). 

Regarding marquee usage and looks, useless comment ;) :
In case you want to use a marquee to simulate a news crawler, like CNN for example, you get close to it by setting scrollamount=1 and scrolldelay=8 or so (depending on the width of your window). 
Current FF v1.5.0.1 does not allow scrolldelay less than 40ms... so, scrollamount=1 will go really slow. But in IE, one can add "truespeed" to achieve this result. The drawback?
If marquee is implemented in software, no gpu acceleration, this will be slow and consume about 70% of a 1.8GHz cpu. 
On the other hand, with hw acceleration (most X servers and Windows drivers), scrollamount=1 will be ok and CPU will stay below 5-7%.
QA Contact: general → layout
We have a Web compatibility issue related to this.

I guess the big difference in between Blink and Gecko
<marquee scrollamount="3" direction="up" height="300" bgcolor="">

is that changing the scrollamount="3" values changes 
* the speed of the scrolling in Blink 
* not the jump from pixel to pixel (Gecko). 

So basically it's faster in Blink not jumpier.
Ever confirmed: true
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Another instance of marquee implementation difference.


6 months ago
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6 months ago
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Comment 7

6 months ago
The code used for marquee is not coming from the animation stack code in Gecko. 
It's probably not an emergency. An idea would be to reuse the code of CSS animation for making it smoother.

Comment 8

5 months ago
This bug's summary should be changed from:

"Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code to"

to either:

"Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code too"


"Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code"


5 months ago
Summary: Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code to → Marquee should be able to use smoothscroll code


5 months ago
Priority: -- → P3
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