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Laptop touchpad doesn't scroll horizontally


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Windows 98


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(Reporter: stevex, Assigned: bryner)


With IE and Netscape, the touchpad on my Sony Vaio laptop causes the window to
scroll vertically when you tap in the middle right side of the pad and move up
or down - the driver converts these into mouse wheel events.

It does the same thing for horizontal scrolling, I'm not sure how - but the end
result is if I tap in the middle bottom part of the pad and move my finger left
or right, the window scrolls horizontally.  This works in Netscape, IE, and most
other apps, and not in Mozilla.

I believe the messages it generates are the same ones you'd get from holding
down the mouse wheel and moving the mouse left or right, but I've not verified that.
bryner would this fall in your territory?
Assignee: cbegle → bryner
It would be nice if that was how the horizontal scrolling worked, but
unfortunately I don't think it is.  I just tried holding down the wheel button
and moving the mouse left/right in IE5 and it did not cause any horizontal
scrolling.  None of the mousewheel messages Windows passes to an application are
able to indicate a horizontal scroll.  As far as I can tell, the mouse driver
just searches for a native horizontal scrollbar, which Mozilla doesn't use.  So,
I don't see any way to make this work in Mozilla.

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bryner, actually, I can hold down my mousewheel and scroll left and right in IE 
(MS intellieye explorer).  But that would depend on the IntelliMouse panning 
transferring these to my email.
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