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This needs a bit of cleanup, but it is possible to wrap the template toolkit in
a wrapper that calls an html validator.  

We should definitely do this on certain installs on landfill.

There is a validator at that is easy to
build and install.
   1) Move valudation function to (no reason to involve
   2) Make location of validator executable configurable (localconfig, param, or ??)
   3) Add the URL used to trigger the failing template to the logged information.
   4) Save an exerpt of the HTML in the area of the first failure.
   5) Disable the WRAPPER function altogether if validation is not in use.

Then, this is actually non-invasive enough that it could land.

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Summary: Add contunuous validation test capability → Add contiunuous validation test capability
Assignee: zach → bugreport
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You can try this on landfill using "/opt/validator/bin/validate" or
"/opt/validator/bin/validate --verbose" as the value for the "validator" parameter.
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Non-invasive patch no longer exists
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Summary: Add contiunuous validation test capability → Add continuous validation test capability
Note that I now use the 'HTML Validator' extension of Firefox to track HTML errors. Maybe that's enough as you cannot use here anyway.
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