Make Notification alert envelope persist in system tray until all unread messages are read



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13 years ago
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13 years ago
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For quite some time the envelope notification of new mail in the system tray has disappeared after opening the first unread message. This is disturbing to my work flow because once I open one unread message, it appears that I have no more. For any folders that are off the screen there could be new mail messages, but I wouldn't know it. I have to scroll up and down my list of folders everytime that envelope shows up to make sure I'm not missing anything.

The icon should remain until all new unread messages have been opened. I don't know how much state information Thunderbird has, but if it's possible to differentiate between a new message, and one marked as unread, I think the envelope should persist until there are no new unread messages.

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13 years ago
This sounds more like an enhancement than a bug as this is a user pref.
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13 years ago
I do believe it is a recent regression though.

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13 years ago
To be honest, I have seen this behaviour since I started using 0.1.  The message envelope has always disappeared from view as I constantly have unread mail in my folders.

Its weird if you have only seen it start happening now.
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10 years ago
Jerry, does new summary better describe what you want?

Bryan, afaik this doesn't square with how notification alert is currently designed. Bievenu might know why it's done this way.
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Summary: Envelope in system tray disappears after opening first unread message → Make Notification alert envelope persist in system tray until all unread messages are read
this seems like a preference as it really builds on how people use the their read / unread status to manage mail.  If you're the type who leaves messages unread to attend to them you probably don't want the icon in the tray all the time because you won't know when new mail arrives.  If you're the type who uses stars or tags to manage mail and marks everything as read as you go through it then this behaviour likely makes the most sense.

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9 years ago
IMHO the envelope notification has a specific purpose: to let the user know that there are new unread messages in the mail window where it is likely that they are not visible. The user is probably browsing in another window, playing a game, or anything else other than staring at the mail window. Since users might not be in the practice of leaving their mail window open to watch for new messages, the envelope functions to say, "hey, there are new unread messages over here where you can't see them. You should come take a look." When the envelope disappears it says to me, "ok, there are no more new unread messages for you to see."

I don't think there should be an envelope notification for every unread message because there is a difference between new unread, and just marked unread. It should persist if there are any messages which have *never* been read. It seems to me that is its purpose. If I have to periodically open my mail window and scroll up and down to check for new messages, what purpose is a new message notification serving?


7 years ago
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