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Please add a configuration sheet, where one can specify a set of regular expressions for URLs that should be blocked. I would like to use such a thing as ad blocker (additionally to the integrated one). Have a look at Omniweb 5 to undestand the idea.

A nice enhancement would be if one could not only match URLs to be blocked, but also to to match and subsitute portions of the HTML source code before it is displayed. E.g. for Unix geeks: I would like to do "s/sourcepattern/targetpattern/g" on the HTML code.

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I'm not sure our adblocking is sophisticated enough to do this (using CSS, of course).

CCing Simon.

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13 years ago
I think we should at least have a dynamic ad-blocking system using CSS rules; there's probably a bug on that already though.

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13 years ago
I don't think the underlying CSS code has support for dynamic, global rules.
We talked about this before in bug 308684.  

The second pgh is asking for a PithHelmet/Greasemonkey port (at one point the Greasemonkey folks were looking into trying to port it to Camino).
Using CSS this may not be possible, but in the future, we may not use CSS for adblocking but rather something else (like hostperm). Confirming as a RFE and targeting for FUTURE.
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Target Milestone: --- → Future

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13 years ago
I think this kind of ad blocker should work like the Firefox extension Adblock Plus (not Adblock), both UI-wise and in its functionality.
This would help the user to add un-blocked ads easily, too. It is not very obvious to edit the adblocker.css for most people.
Component: General → Annoyance Blocking
QA Contact: annoyance.blocking


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Duplicate of this bug: 379247
Assignee: mikepinkerton → nobody
Summary: Configurable ad blocker with regular expressions → Configurable ad-blocker


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Duplicate of this bug: 421267
Duplicate of this bug: 468195


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Duplicate of this bug: 479691

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I'd like to see exceptions for ad-blocking.  User defined regex's seems overly complicated for Camino, but a simple whitelist for sites that a user wants to support or finds works better with ad-blocking disabled would be great.

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9 years ago
I would also appreciate a simple whitelist to add exceptions.
Note that 2.1 includes user_ad_blocking.css in $profile/chrome, where you can add new CSS rules to block additional ads or override Camino's default rules for certain sites.  Toggle ad-blocking to get the new rules loaded.
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