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I tend to prefer new tabs over new windows, so my current setting is
"a new tab in the most recent window", which works usually well, but not always for me.

 - I start firefox (let's call this the "main" window) ... browse for a while ...
 - I go to some page which opens new window (let's say "screenshots" window) without menu bar, address bar, disabled resize/minize/maximize (! I *hate* this !), etc... , this is now the most recent window (but quite unfriendly for browsing of different URLs)
 - I get some new URL let's say from some instant messaging application, I click on it, and I get new tab in that crippled down window.

 I would prefer the new tab to appear always in the "main" window (or generally speaking the least recent one, if the main window is closed), not in the most recent.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. set firefox to open new tab in the most recent window for links from other application
2. go to some page, which opens new (non-browsing-friendly) window (usually some sort of web, which opens pictures in new windows)
3. open some new link from other application

Actual Results:  
The new link will be opened in new tab of that ugly most recent window, which is unsuitable for general browsing. (actually tabs may remain invisible, if menu is hidden in the new window - this may confuse user, as you have 2 tabs in the window, but you can't see it, so you may think the original content of that most recent window is lost)

Expected Results:  
The new option with least recent window would solve this for me, as the link from other application would be opened in the "main" window, which is suitable for tabbed browsing.

Actually I wouldn't mind replacement of the current "most recent" option, as I don't find any practical use of this option with having "least recent" option available.

 Anyone using the "most recent" feature somehow and would miss it?

 I can't imagine such case, IMHO there's no reason why the least recent window can be "bad" for new tab. Maybe ... unless you don't want to clutter it with one more new tab. That's the only one reason I can find.
this won't happen.
If you want it you'll need to make an extension for it.


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12 years ago
This is a bit anal...

Comment 3

12 years ago
Actually, no, and is related to <A HREF="">bug 316718</A> (which in my opinion makes a better suggestion).
No, this is never going to happen.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → WONTFIX
(as a note, we've fixed opening in crippled windows for quite some time, but this is the wrong way to fix)
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