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nsISidebar should be moved to dom/


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The nsISidebar interface defines a public-facing DOM interface (window.sidebar). It doesn't make sense to have it forked in browser/ and xpfe/ since if they diverge, we'd break compatibility with Web sites.

Furthermore, XULrunner embedders might want to implement this interface. Ephiphany does, for example. Rather than copy it for every embedder, the right thing to do is move it somewhere that's part of XULRunner. I claim dom/ is the right place.
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This patch does that.
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simple fix

r+sr=jst, but the nsIPermission changes are unrealted to the nsISidebar changes here, right? If not, you should get darin to approve that before landing that change...
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Please get some cvs admin to copy the file in the repository to preserve cvs history :)

jst: the nsIPermission thing is covered in a separate bug.
checked in.
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shouldn't nsISidebar be removed from the old places?
Blocks: 320370
This caused bug 320370 and bug 321459 since the installer manifests weren't updated correctly. For some, dom_sidebar.xpt was added but sidebar.xpt wasn't removed (shouldn't it be?), and for others dom_sidebar.xpt wasn't added at all.

Seems as though the old files still need to be removed, too. Is correct?
Blocks: 321459
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Landed attachment 207174 [details] [diff] [review] on the trunk.

mozilla/; new revision: 1.599;
mozilla/browser/components/sidebar/public/; delete;
mozilla/browser/components/sidebar/public/nsISidebar.idl; delete;
mozilla/xpfe/components/sidebar/public/.cvsignore; delete;
mozilla/xpfe/components/sidebar/public/; delete;
mozilla/xpfe/components/sidebar/public/nsISidebar.idl; delete;
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cvs remove browser/components/sidebar/public and xpfe/components/sidebar/public

Shouldn't this be on the branch too, given that mozilla/browser/ changes are supposed to be synced between trunk and branch?
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Hmm, looks like the previous patches don't apply cleanly to the branch.  Here's a patch containing the nsISidebar changes for the branch.
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patch w/nsISidebar changes for branch

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Keywords: fixed1.8.1
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