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[FIX]Redirect (meta refresh) doesn't escape URL, seems to do a lossy UTF-16 to ASCII conversion instead


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Steps to reproduce:
1. Load
2. Wait for the page to refresh.

Result: Firefox 1.5RC3 loads  That's obviously wrong: it looks like Firefox started to send the URL as UTF-16 without escaping, then sent the URL through a lossy UTF-16-to-ASCII converter.

Expected: Load again (I think).

In contrast, Firefox 1.0.7 loads, which is correct except that it's encoded as UTF-8 instead of what the site expects (KOI8-R, I think).  Despite that, I think there's some way this breaks sites that worked correctly in Firefox 1.0.7 based on the way Igor N. Avtaev described the bug.

Originally reported by Igor N. Avtaev:
Note that this testcase is INVALID HTML document. On HTML document, we cannot use non-ASCII character for URI values. The HTML author MUST use escaped URI in URI values.

But of course, we need to fix this quirks if we can do it.
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Is there any interest in taking a fix for this regression?

Is this in the right component?
Yes and "probably not given the link in comment 1".

We used to just convert the URI to UTF8.  Maybe we should go back to doing that.  
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This just restores the old behavior.  We _could_ try to encode using the page charset, I suppose, but I'm not sure we want to.
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Summary: Redirect (meta refresh) doesn't escape URL, seems to do a lossy UTF-16 to ASCII conversion instead → [FIX]Redirect (meta refresh) doesn't escape URL, seems to do a lossy UTF-16 to ASCII conversion instead
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Like so

Requesting approval.  This should be a very low-risk change to restore behavior we used to have back in the 1.7 timeframe.
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Checked in.  We still need a test, though.  I could use some help writing one, to be honest.
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Marking as fixed, we have the in-testsuite flag to track the lack of test. Please reopen if there are other issues remaining.
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This should have been marked fixed, yeah.  Not sure why that failed.
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