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When an event has neither DTEND nor DURATION, DTEND is added on serializing (upload/export)


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(Bug filed after request in Bug 315719 Comment #6.)

After Bug 315719 is fixed, VEVENTs with neither DTEND nor DURATION will get
serialized to VEVENTs with DTEND. You might call this a datachange bug, because it is not really dataloss.
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Is this really dataloss, or is it more a side-effect of importing your calendar data into Sb/Ln? With importing, we expect some level of datamanipulation. With the provider, not so much.
I believe this is dataloss, because it happens in the providers and will happen when roundtripping any data in an ICS-based (eg ICS or CalDAV) calendar.
Keywords: dataloss
I don't think it's dataloss, the events are semantically identical with or without the DTEND property, no?
Stefan, I can imagine this one is fixed bug 390492, too?
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Same behavior as described in Comment #0 still exists using storage provider.
Seems to work now using ics provider.
(In reply to comment #6)
This fits my expectation. However since the ics part is fixed, I don't consider this being dataloss (comment #3) anymore.
Keywords: dataloss
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