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xforms scroll bars remain after user selects an option


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Build Identifier: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; U; PPC Mac OS X Mach-O; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20051228 Firefox/1.6a1

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE html [<!ATTLIST object id ID #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST instance id ID #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST submission id ID #IMPLIED>
<!ATTLIST repeat id ID #IMPLIED>
<!-- the following extremely ugly code is necessary
  to make ID attributes behave as expected -->
<html xmlns="" xmlns:ev=""
  xmlns:xforms="" xmlns:xht=""
  xmlns:xs="" xmlns:xsi="">
    <title>Create a Purchase Order</title>
    <xforms:model id="default">
      <xforms:instance id="address_usr">
      <xforms:instance id="address_def">
        <data xmlns="" current="">
          <country name="ALBANIA"/>
          <country name="ALGERIA"/>
          <country name="ANDORRA"/>
          <country name="ANGOLA"/>
          <country name="ANTIGUA and BARBUDA"/>
          <country name="ARGENTINA"/>
          <country name="ARMENIA"/>
          <country name="AUSTRALIA">
            <state abbrv="ACT" value="Australian Capital Territory"/>
            <state abbrv="NT" value="Northern Territory"/>
            <state abbrv="QLD" value="Queensland"/>
            <state abbrv="NSW" value="New South Wales"/>
            <state abbrv="SA" value="South Australia"/>
            <state abbrv="TAS" value="Tasmania"/>
            <state abbrv="VIC" value="Victoria"/>
            <state abbrv="WA" value="Western Australia"/>
          <country name="AUSTRIA"/>
          <country name="AZERBAIJAN"/>
          <country name="BAHAMAS"/>
          <country name="BAHRAIN"/>
          <country name="BANGLADESH"/>
          <country name="BARBADOS"/>
          <country name="BELARUS"/>
          <country name="BELGIUM"/>
          <country name="BELIZE"/>
          <country name="BERMUDAS"/>
          <country name="BHUTAN"/>
          <country name="BOLIVIA"/>
          <country name="BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA"/>
          <country name="BOTSWANA"/>
          <country name="BRAZIL"/>
          <country name="BRUNEI"/>
          <country name="BULGARIA"/>
          <country name="BURKINA FASO"/>
          <country name="CAMEROON"/>
          <country name="CANADA">
            <state abbrv="AB" value="Alberta"/>
            <state abbrv="BC" value="British Columbia"/>
            <state abbrv="MB" value="Manitoba"/>
            <state abbrv="NB" value="New Brunswick"/>
            <state abbrv="NL" value="Newfoundland and Labrador"/>
            <state abbrv="NS" value="Nova Scotia"/>
            <state abbrv="NT" value="Northwest Territories"/>
            <state abbrv="NU" value="Nunavut"/>
            <state abbrv="ON" value="Ontario"/>
            <state abbrv="PE" value="Prince Edward Island"/>
            <state abbrv="QC" value="Quebec"/>
            <state abbrv="SK" value="Saskatchewan"/>
            <state abbrv="YT" value="Yukon"/>
          <country name="CANARY ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="CAYMAN ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="CENTRAL AFRICAN REP"/>
          <country name="CHAD"/>
          <country name="CHANNEL ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="CHILE"/>
          <country name="CHINA"/>
          <country name="COLOMBIA"/>
          <country name="CORSICA"/>
          <country name="COSTA RICA"/>
          <country name="CROATIA"/>
          <country name="CYPRUS"/>
          <country name="CZECH REPUBLIC"/>
          <country name="DENMARK"/>
          <country name="DOMINICA, GUADELOUPE, and MART"/>
          <country name="DOMINICAN REPUBLIC"/>
          <country name="ECUADOR"/>
          <country name="EGYPT"/>
          <country name="EL SALVADOR"/>
          <country name="ESTONIA"/>
          <country name="ETHIOPIA"/>
          <country name="FALKLAND ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="FAROE ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="FINLAND"/>
          <country name="FRANCE"/>
          <country name="FRENCH GUIANA"/>
          <country name="GABON"/>
          <country name="GAMBIA"/>
          <country name="GEORGIA"/>
          <country name="GERMANY"/>
          <country name="GHANA"/>
          <country name="GIBRALTAR"/>
          <country name="GREECE"/>
          <country name="GREENLAND"/>
          <country name="GRENADA"/>
          <country name="GUADELOUPE"/>
          <country name="GUATEMALA"/>
          <country name="GUYANA"/>
          <country name="HAITI"/>
          <country name="HONDURAS"/>
          <country name="HONG KONG"/>
          <country name="HUNGARY"/>
          <country name="ICELAND"/>
          <country name="INDIA"/>
          <country name="INDONESIA"/>
          <country name="IRELAND"/>
          <country name="ISRAEL"/>
          <country name="ITALY"/>
          <country name="IVORY COAST"/>
          <country name="JAMAICA"/>
          <country name="JAPAN"/>
          <country name="JORDAN"/>
          <country name="KAZAKSTAN"/>
          <country name="KENYA"/>
          <country name="KUWAIT"/>
          <country name="KYRGYZSTAN"/>
          <country name="LAOS"/>
          <country name="LATVIA"/>
          <country name="LEBANON"/>
          <country name="LEEWARD ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="LESOTHO"/>
          <country name="LIBERIA"/>
          <country name="LIECHTENSTEIN"/>
          <country name="LITHUANIA"/>
          <country name="LUXEMBOURG"/>
          <country name="MACAO"/>
          <country name="MACEDONIA"/>
          <country name="MADAGASCAR"/>
          <country name="MADEIRA ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="MALAWI"/>
          <country name="MALAYSIA">
            <state value="Johor"/>
            <state value="Kedah"/>
            <state value="Kelantan"/>
            <state value="Kuala Lumpur"/>
            <state value="Labuan"/>
            <state value="Melaka"/>
            <state value="Negeri Sembilan"/>
            <state value="Pahang"/>
            <state value="Perak"/>
            <state value="Perlis"/>
            <state value="Pulau Pinang"/>
            <state value="Putrajaya"/>
            <state value="Sabah"/>
            <state value="Sarawak"/>
            <state value="Selangor"/>
            <state value="Terengganu"/>
          <country name="MALTA"/>
          <country name="MAURITANIA"/>
          <country name="MAURITIUS"/>
          <country name="MEXICO"/>
          <country name="MOLDOVA"/>
          <country name="MONACO"/>
          <country name="MONGOLIA"/>
          <country name="MOROCCO"/>
          <country name="MOZAMBIQUE"/>
          <country name="NAMIBIA"/>
          <country name="NAURA"/>
          <country name="NEPAL"/>
          <country name="NETHERLANDS"/>
          <country name="NETHERLANDS ANTILLES and ARUBA"/>
          <country name="NEW ZEALAND"/>
          <country name="NICARAGUA"/>
          <country name="NIGER"/>
          <country name="NIGERIA"/>
          <country name="NORTH KOREA"/>
          <country name="NORTHERN IRELAND"/>
          <country name="NORWAY"/>
          <country name="OMAN"/>
          <country name="OTHER"/>
          <country name="PAKISTAN"/>
          <country name="PANAMA"/>
          <country name="PAPUA NEW GUINEA"/>
          <country name="PARAGUAY"/>
          <country name="PERU"/>
          <country name="PHILIPPINES"/>
          <country name="POLAND"/>
          <country name="PORTUGAL"/>
          <country name="PUERTO RICO"/>
          <country name="QATAR"/>
          <country name="ROMANIA"/>
          <country name="RUSSIA"/>
          <country name="RWANDA"/>
          <country name="SAINT LUCIA"/>
          <country name="SAUDI ARABIA"/>
          <country name="SCOTLAND"/>
          <country name="SENEGAL"/>
          <country name="SERBIA"/>
          <country name="SEYCHELLS"/>
          <country name="SIERRA LEONE"/>
          <country name="SINGAPORE"/>
          <country name="SLOVAKIA"/>
          <country name="SLOVENIA"/>
          <country name="SOMALIA"/>
          <country name="SOUTH AFRICA"/>
          <country name="SOUTH KOREA"/>
          <country name="SPAIN"/>
          <country name="SRI LANKA"/>
          <country name="SURINAME"/>
          <country name="SWEDEN"/>
          <country name="SWITZERLAND"/>
          <country name="TAIWAN"/>
          <country name="TAJIKISTAN"/>
          <country name="TANZANIA"/>
          <country name="THAILAND"/>
          <country name="TOGO"/>
          <country name="TRINIDAD and TOBAGO"/>
          <country name="TUNISIA"/>
          <country name="TURKEY"/>
          <country name="TURKMENISTAN"/>
          <country name="UGANDA"/>
          <country name="UKRAINE"/>
          <country name="UNITED ARAB EMIRATES"/>
          <country name="UNITED KINGDOM"/>
          <country name="UPPER VOLTA"/>
          <country name="URUGUAY"/>
          <country name="USA">
            <state abbrv="AL" value="Alabama"/>
            <state abbrv="AK" value="Alaska"/>
            <state abbrv="AS" value="American Samoa"/>
            <state abbrv="AZ" value="Arizona"/>
            <state abbrv="AR" value="Arkansas"/>
            <state abbrv="CA" value="California"/>
            <state abbrv="CO" value="Colorado"/>
            <state abbrv="CT" value="Connecticut"/>
            <state abbrv="DE" value="Delaware"/>
            <state abbrv="DC" value="District of Columbia"/>
            <state abbrv="FM" value="Federated States of Micronesia"/>
            <state abbrv="FL" value="Florida"/>
            <state abbrv="GA" value="Georgia"/>
            <state abbrv="GU" value="Guam"/>
            <state abbrv="HI" value="Hawaii"/>
            <state abbrv="ID" value="Idaho"/>
            <state abbrv="IL" value="Illinois"/>
            <state abbrv="IN" value="Indiana"/>
            <state abbrv="IA" value="Iowa"/>
            <state abbrv="KS" value="Kansas"/>
            <state abbrv="KY" value="Kentucky"/>
            <state abbrv="LA" value="Louisiana"/>
            <state abbrv="ME" value="Maine"/>
            <state abbrv="MH" value="Marshall Islands"/>
            <state abbrv="MD" value="Maryland"/>
            <state abbrv="MA" value="Massachusetts"/>
            <state abbrv="MI" value="Michigan"/>
            <state abbrv="MN" value="Minnesota"/>
            <state abbrv="MS" value="Mississippi"/>
            <state abbrv="MO" value="Missouri"/>
            <state abbrv="MT" value="Montana"/>
            <state abbrv="NE" value="Nebraska"/>
            <state abbrv="NV" value="Nevada"/>
            <state abbrv="NH" value="New Hampshire"/>
            <state abbrv="NJ" value="New Jersey"/>
            <state abbrv="NM" value="New Mexico"/>
            <state abbrv="NY" value="New York"/>
            <state abbrv="NC" value="North Carolina"/>
            <state abbrv="ND" value="North Dakota"/>
            <state abbrv="MP" value="Northern Mariana Islands"/>
            <state abbrv="OH" value="Ohio"/>
            <state abbrv="OK" value="Oklahoma"/>
            <state abbrv="OR" value="Oregon"/>
            <state abbrv="PW" value="Palau"/>
            <state abbrv="PA" value="Pennsylvania"/>
            <state abbrv="PR" value="Puerto Rico"/>
            <state abbrv="RI" value="Rhode Island"/>
            <state abbrv="SC" value="South Carolina"/>
            <state abbrv="SD" value="South Dakota"/>
            <state abbrv="TN" value="Tennessee"/>
            <state abbrv="TX" value="Texas"/>
            <state abbrv="UT" value="Utah"/>
            <state abbrv="VT" value="Vermont"/>
            <state abbrv="VI" value="Virgin Islands"/>
            <state abbrv="VA" value="Virginia"/>
            <state abbrv="WA" value="Washington"/>
            <state abbrv="WV" value="West Virginia"/>
            <state abbrv="WI" value="Wisconsin"/>
            <state abbrv="WY" value="Wyoming"/>
            <state abbrv="AE" value="Armed Forces Africa"/>
            <state abbrv="AA" value="Armed Forces Americas"/>
            <state abbrv="AE" value="Armed Forces Canada"/>
            <state abbrv="AE" value="Armed Forces Europe"/>
            <state abbrv="AE" value="Armed Forces Middle East"/>
            <state abbrv="AP" value="Armed Forces Pacific"/>
          <country name="UZBEKISTAN"/>
          <country name="VANUATU"/>
          <country name="VENEZUELA"/>
          <country name="VIETNAM"/>
          <country name="VIRGIN ISLANDS"/>
          <country name="WALES"/>
          <country name="WEST BANK"/>
          <country name="YEMEN"/>
          <country name="YUGOSLAVIA"/>
          <country name="ZAIRE"/>
          <country name="ZAMBIA"/>
          <country name="ZIMBABWE"/>
      <xforms:bind nodeset="instance('address_def')/@current"
        calculate="if(instance('address_def')/country[@name =
    <style type="text/css"> *:disabled, *.disabled { display: none; }</style>
    <xforms:switch id="DetailHider">
      <xforms:case id="detail_hide">
          <xforms:output value="if (string-length(owdaddr:country) > 0, concat(',
            ',owdaddr:country), '') "/>
          <xforms:label>Show Details</xforms:label>
          <xforms:toggle case="detail_show" ev:event="DOMActivate"/>
      <xforms:case id="detail_show">
        <xforms:group id="address">
          <xht:table border="0" cellpadding="5" cellspacing="0" class="withb">
              <xht:td class="formc">
                <xforms:select1 appearance="full" ref="owdaddr:country">
                  <xforms:itemset nodeset="instance('address_def')/country">
                    <xforms:label ref="@name"/>
                    <xforms:value ref="@name"/>
          <xforms:label>Hide Details</xforms:label>
          <xforms:toggle case="detail_hide" ev:event="DOMActivate"/>
    <xforms:group id="submit-list">
      <xforms:action ev:event="set_value">
        <xforms:setvalue ref="owdaddr:street1" value="owdaddr:street"/>

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Open the example, choose a country.

Actual Results:  
a scroll bars are still visible.

Expected Results:  
scroll bar should disappear after a selection.

doesn't seem to be a problem on PC.
Component: General → XForms
Product: Firefox → Core
Version: unspecified → Other Branch
Is it a duplicate of 187435 ?
Yes, this is a dup of bug 187435.  The dropdown is actuall a DIV, and when you click on the arrow a second time to make the dropdown disappear, it actually just marks the DIV as 'hidden'.  This doesn't really work, unfortunately, with Mac's native scrollbars (see duped bug).

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of 187435 ***
Closed: 15 years ago
Resolution: --- → DUPLICATE
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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