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Support easy linking to bugs from the wiki.


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According to you can make a wiki support [[mozbug:315637]] to autogenerate bugzilla links.  This would be a nice feature for Mozilla's own wiki.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.  Try to enter a link to a bug in

Actual Results:  
You have to hardcode [ 315637]

Expected Results:  
Tweak the wiki to support an InterWiki bugzilla link per the Meta-Wiki docs linked above.

I'm not sure if Wiki enhancements should be tracked in Wiki discussion pages ( ) or the bug base, I'm sorry if one or both of these are incorrect.
Sticking this here in lieu of a component for the wiki (which is coming as soon as the new Websites product is up and running)
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We've actually just added a simple template for this on the MDC wiki.  You can see it here:

Usage is simply: {{bug|#}}, so this bug would be {{bug|322603}}

Works well and doesn't require any special wiki patching or anything.
Nifty, you can mark this FIXED.

I updated the "Editing help" page with this tip.  I notice that on the template creates a link to the http server ( which then issues a "301 Moved Permanently" redirect to the httpS secure server.  But on it creates a link direct to the https server.
I made the template match in going to https bugzilla server.

Marking fixed, though "dria" did all the work :)
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