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Remove thebes link-time dependency on libGL (with glitz enabled)


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Right now, I believe that we link directly with libGL -- we shouldn't need to, as glitz dynamically opens at runtime and extracts symbols that it needs from there.  We don't actually use any libGL symbols ourselves, so we just need to pass in the right library name to glitz_glx_init and remove all link deps to libGL.

(We'll always have a compile-time dependency on the header files, but that's not a big issue.)
This is glitz-only; so doesn't block cairo-gtk2 turn-on.
No longer blocks: cairo-gtk2
is this still valid? can we close it?
It's still valid when we build with --enable-glitz, though I'm not convinced that it's an actual problem any more.  libGL will be present on just about any linux system nowadays, so maybe we don't care.
Do you need me to do a survey of installed versions of libGL, on ?
There's pretty much one version only; the linux OpenGL ABI has been frozen for a while now (for years), and anything above opengl 1.2 is/should be accessed via the opengl extension mechanism anyway.
Summary: Remove thebes link-time dependency on libGL → Remove thebes link-time dependency on libGL (with glitz enabled)
Glitz is dead and will be removed in bug 445321, so marking it as dependency to this one. (maybe even dupe?)
Depends on: 445321
Bug 445321 removed glitz entirely, so this bug becomes invalid.
Closed: 12 years ago
Resolution: --- → INVALID
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