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"To" date and time no longer linked to "From" date/time, in new event dialog


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In the old event dialog, the date & time of the "To" section were in some way linked to the "From" section.

e.g, for an existing event, changing the From time would correspondingly shift the To.

For new events, the To would adjust to sensible defaul tvalues, based on the From settings entered.

This seems not to happen with the new event dialog.
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*** Bug 327327 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***
When you changed the start date/time in the old event dialog the end date/time changed accordingly keeping duration the same.

In the new event dialog start and end date/time behave independent of each other.

Please clarify if this behaviour has been changed on intention or not.
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> *** Bug 327327 has been marked as a duplicate of this bug. ***

My comments from that bug:

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When you put in a new event or task, you set a start date and time. It should
automatically default to the end date and time being the same, as in most cases
this will be true or the difference will be small, requiring less searching to
change it. I've had Sunbird calendar for a week now, and for the roughly 10-20
things I put in there, I was warned I think every time that my finish date/time
was before my start date/time. 

Please fix this.

Thank you.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.enter new event or task
2.get warned end time is before start time
3.go in and fix it

Actual Results:  
notification of error

Expected Results:  
no notification of error

no additional information
Patch makes the end time shift when the start time changes.  Changing the end time does not adjust the start time (otherwise there'd be no way to change the event duration).  Similar behavior occurs when both the entry and due dates are set for a task.
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update end when start changes

>Index: calendar/base/content/calendar-event-dialog.js

>+function onEndTimeChange()
>+        if (!getElementValue("todo-has-entrydate") || !getElementValue("todo-has-duedate")) {

I get errors there. You want to add "checked" to the getElementValue call. As a result, the link doesn't work in the task dialog.

(rest of the patch looks good)
Attachment #215526 - Flags: first-review?(dmose) → first-review-
Patch updated to fix the issues with new tasks.
Attachment #215970 - Flags: first-review?(mvl)
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fixes task issues

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Patch checked in.
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looks good; thanks much Joey.
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