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sanitize new search format


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bug 317107 comment 34 says:

>> I appreciate Axel's point about there being confusion and likely errors on the
>> part of localizers when creating these files. The best way to avoid that is to:
>> - use strict namespace checking in the search service and pro-actively throw
>> exceptions when there are failures
>> - use a namespace prefix on the root, e.g.
>> <moz:SearchPlugin xmlns:moz=""
>> xmlns="">
>>   <ShortName></ShortName>
>>   ...
>>   <moz:Alias>am</moz:Alias>
>> </moz:SearchPlugin>
>> since this is what people copy from, and it makes it clear what our extensions
>> are.
> If you don't have any objection I'd rather leave the format as is for now -
> making ours be the default namespace simplifies checking which type of plugin
> we're dealing with. This can be revisited for a2.
I'd really love to just use OpenSearch and forget about this almost-OpenSearch stuff.
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Cleanup is b1, we need to get features implemented for testing/iteration first.  I know the l10n people won't love this, but b1 should still give them months.
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Target Milestone: Firefox 2 alpha2 → Firefox 2 beta1
Priority: P1 → P2
With search suggest we do have an extension to OS that warrants the introduction
of a mozilla namespace into the search plugin, so I'd take down in writing the 
outcome of a discussion that gavin and I had a while back which was that we'd like
to have one namespace, and it'd be fine to just drop the OS one from our plugin
and have the parser for search xml engines accept the OS namespace in addition to
the mozilla one.
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This simplifies the file format, and the parser doesn't care since it just checks localNames.
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Checked in branch and trunk!
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