Need API for adding/removing MIME types and protocols for which Firefox is the default handler




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12 years ago
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An extension that adds support for BitTorrent torrent files, a new image format, the irc: protocol, etc. should be able to make Firefox the default handler for those types, in a cross-platform way that mimics what we do for other MIME types and protocols.

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12 years ago
Does this differ for XP vs. Vista?  I thought there was already a bug on handling this properly in Vista at least...
It probably differs for XP-vs-Vista, but it certainly differs for XP-vs-OS X and so forth.  An extension author adding support for .torrent or irc: should have a cross-platform way to have Firefox be registered for those just as it is (optionally) for .html and http:.


12 years ago
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12 years ago
this isn't a vista bug per se.  removing blocks bug.

Also, how is this different from the preference support of:
No longer blocks: 352420


11 years ago
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