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Right now stores a lot of data in variables like "my $_cgi" and "my $_dbh". Under mod_perl, this will fail miserably.

Basically, what we need is a way to cache something just for the current request.

Since Bugzilla has to work in mod_perl and outside of mod_perl, we need a way to do this both inside of mod_perl and outside of mod_perl.

Basically, I'm thinking that we'll have a request_cache() function inside of, that will return the correct type of per-request cache depending on whether we're in mod_perl or not.
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Okay, here it is. Basically, at this point this consolidates all of the global variables into *one* global variable.

Why does this matter, you ask?

Basically, now, when mod_perl support hits, we can just add mod_perl support to Bugzilla->request_cache, and it will use some clever mod_perl stuff instead of the "our $_request_cache" that's in

We can't actually write that code yet since we don't actually have mod_perl support yet, and I think it'd be pretty silly to try to work these things out before I even have a single page working under mod_perl.
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Okay, this version actually works under mod_perl.
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I had left my die_with_dignity code in the previous patch.
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> sub _cleanup {
>+    undef $_request_cache;
> }

It's intentional that you only do it for $_request_cache, i.e when not using mod_perl, right? I cannot test the mod_perl part of the patch, but what I see matches what the docs say. so r=LpSolit
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(In reply to comment #4)
> It's intentional that you only do it for $_request_cache, i.e when not using
> mod_perl, right?

  Right. The END block won't get run correctly under mod_perl anyway, because it lives in a module (as I understand it). And the request object is automatically destroyed at the end of every request, meaning that all our variables are automatically cleaned up there.
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Checking in;
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Added to the release notes on bug 255155.
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The correct bug number for those release notes is actually bug 349423.
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