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Addressbook accepts invalid characters.  More importantly, when you recieve an email and it automatically adds it to your address book, it can create an addressbook entry with invalid characters.

Problem with automatically creating addresss book entries when recieving an email:
I'm not sure if the invalid chars are coming from thunderbird, or from the mail server (Communigate Pro).  But your end result is having single quotes around your email address.  When you try to send using this entry, TB attempts to send to "<''>".  The server response with "User '''' does not exist", or in Commugates case it responds with "Hostname unknown".

Manually creating entries:
TB does not appear to do any syntax checking.  It allowed me to successfully create two entries with the email addresses:
1.  test'
2.  dan@@work.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go into the address book.
2. Click New Card
3. In the email address field you can type invalid characters such as a single quote.

Actual Results:  
TB allows you to save invalid email addesses in your addressbook.
TB attempts to send an email to invalid email addresses.

Expected Results:  
1. TB Should either through an warning, or strip out the single quotes when storing an invalid email address.
2. TB should through a warning before sending to an invalid email address, (just like it does if you leave the subject blank).

Error responses from the CommuniGate Pro server, when sending to <''>.

Failed to deliver to ''''
SMTP module(domain') reports:
 host name is unknown

Note: While this error is server specific, it is just to show that errors can be misleading.  I would say that this error is more of an annoyance on the server, but TB shouldn't have sent to a bad address it in the first place.
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Reporter, Can you confirm whether this problem is gone, or still exists on a current version of thunderbird?  

We are working to help old bugs move along, so your comment will be helpful.
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steve do you know about such things?
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Both suggestions are implemented.
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Feel free to reopen it if I'm wrong.
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