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<Return> doesn't break a blockquote in Midas


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For Firefox's Midas editor, I cannot break blockquotes with the return key (even with a type="cite" attribute set). Nowadays Midas is used by web-based email providers and sometimes you want to put the cursor in the middle of quoted material, and hit <return> to break the quoted material and type your own comments.

This works fine with Thunderbird's editor but not with Firefox's design-mode editor, which I suspect are different engines.?

This is similar to bug 14859 and bug 14221, but they apply to Mozilla Mail/Thunderbird only.

Reproducible: Always
QA Contact: editor
I can confirm this behavior on a div with contenteditable set to true in Firefox 3.6.  Of course, a user may want to insert a line break within a blockquote, but much of the time they'd want to break out of it.  To get around this with a WYSIWYG editor I'm making, I always include extra line breaks around blockquotes when the editor is first made.  Then the user can press the up/down arrow to get out of the blockquote.

There should be a way (keyboard shortcut? clicking outside of the blockquote?  up/down arrow?) to break out of it when there are no surrounding line breaks.
Simple test-case:

data:text/html,<!doctype html>
<div contenteditable><blockquote><p>foo</p></blockquote></div>

Place the cursor at the end of "foo" and hit enter a few times.  It doesn't break out of the indent.  This matches the current editing spec, and also IE10 Developer Preview, Chrome 19 dev, and Opera Next 12.00 alpha.  But maybe this should behave like lists, so that it breaks out if you have an empty line?  I'm not sure.
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