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Decide what to do with /projects/firefox/


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<@beltzner> file a bug for /projects/firefox/ ... I have some ideas for that :)

Maybe revert and change it for Firefox 2, etc. Who knows.
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Since nothing important links to it (Google "link:") and it's completely redundant compared with , which /projects/ links to...

Kill it or make it a 301 Moved Permanently redirect to is not even close to the same as The former should definitely not redirect there. I also have ideas. I'll leave this tab open until I have time to comment again.
Attaching the correct version this time.
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I think there's value in keeping and updating the Firefox project page on  The information about Firefox on is end-user focused, but the project page is community-focused and can have content about testing and developing Firefox.

The Firefox project page (and related Firefox pages on do get a fair amount of traffic from testers and developers and it makes sense to review all of those pages and improve them.  The attached files are my pass at what an updated Firefox project page would look like.

I also think it makes sense to redirect landing pages for old development releases (such as the Gran Paradiso page) to the Firefox project page.

The people going to those old release pages likely had an interest in testing or developing that version and they should be forwarded to the latest information about testing and developing Firefox (instead of forwarding them to information about installing the most recent official release).
I talked with Reed about this on IRC and we felt that any improvement to this page is good, so I'm going to go ahead and check in these changes.  I'll leave the bug open to discuss further improvements to the page and also to discuss how exactly to handle any redirects from old landing pages or old alpha release notes and first run pages.  For now I'll redirect the Deer Park, Bon Echo and Gran Paradiso landing pages to the updated Firefox project page.
If the ownership of this page remains uncertain, it may make sense to redirect this to the Firefox project pages on the wiki at
Looking at the page right now, it appears that David's mockup/proposal was implemented elsewhere, so happy to close this bug out.
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