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11 years ago
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11 years ago
We're using bugzilla much more for communicating back and forth between localization teams and us or QA resources.
Yet, filing bug on the localizations in our cvs is kind-of awkward, as a bug in a Firefox localization doesn't end up in Firefox, but in "Other Products".
'Client Support' isn't really appropriate anymore for Mozilla Localizations, as they turned into an integrated part of our development.

What I would like to see is that

- Mozilla Localizations shows up on right away, I'd suggest right after Firefox and Thunderbird.
Do we need artwork for that?
- on, I'd like to see Mozilla Localizations in the 'Client Software' section, at a similar spot as above.

I'm pondering to update the description, too. How does 

For bugs and requests specific to localized versions of Mozilla software (<a href="">more info</a>)


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11 years ago
this isn't something marcia or i can fix
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11 years ago
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lets use the mozilla dino for "mozilla localizations."  at least to get started...

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11 years ago
I'd  rank this listing third since localized versions make up such a high percent of all our downloads.

Maybe change axel's wording a bit to say...

For bugs and requests specific to localized versions of Firefox, Thunderbird, and all Mozilla software.

As axel suggests Point Product Info link to:

Point bug filing link to:

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11 years ago
we can fix this. however i think this belongs in Components instead of client software. client software is already too big and Mozilla Localizations is not client software in my book.
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11 years ago
I don't see any similarities of Localization of our products with Components. People are having problems with Firefox, in a different language. If we want those bugs to get filed properly, the localizations product should be as close as possible to the products as possible. Stripping down Client Software should be a different bug, and I see a bunch of other candidates to go elsewhere, like Grendel or Minimo.
The "pretty list" is not, as far as I know, connected to the Classification that the Product is in. So we could put Mozilla Localizations into the pretty list (third, as chofmann says) without changing its Classification.

Axel: is adding Localizations to the pretty list sufficient, or do you want the full list changed as well?


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11 years ago
I think we should do both.

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10 years ago
Is this still wanted?
Assignee: marcia → reed

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10 years ago

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10 years ago
Ok, I moved "Mozilla Localizations" to the "Client Software" classification. I'll work on updating the pretty page soon.


10 years ago
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10 years ago
This is staged and ready for the next Bugzilla upgrade.

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10 years ago
This is now live on production.
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10 years ago
Verified, thanks.
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