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Hiding message pane should also remove the drag thumb at the bottom


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When you hide the message preview pane, the drag thumb at the bottom of it doesn't disappear.  It should, and the bottom edge of the message list should line up with the bottom of the folder list.
This works for me on current Linux trunk (version 3 alpha 1 (20060721)).
actually, windows has a similar issue as mac, but mac it is more noticable because for pinstripe, we style the thumb differently.

notice that on windows (and maybe linux) we still show the bar at the bottom.

compare this to the sidebar in firefox, when it is hidden, it is really hidden.

but this might be by design, so that when the message pane is hidden, you can re-open it by dragging it open.
Assignee: mscott → nobody
macmel do you see this on trunk?
Severity: normal → trivial
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> macmel do you see this on trunk?

confirmed for Shredder on W/XP: press F8 will collaps (close) the message pane in Classic View, but I can drag the border line upwards to open the message pane again.
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