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"multipart/appledouble" stored when attachment's real type unknown (application/octet-stream)


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TB 1.5, 2a1; SM 1.5a-0925

When a message arrives from an Apple client with attachments, the typical format of an attached item is:
   1: application/applefile
   2: [actual type]

When the actual type is useful (e.g. image/jpeg) there is no problem; Mozilla gets the correct part and handles is according to the type.  If the actual 
type is generic -- application/octet-stream -- the program is supposed to restrict the options for handling it (which has recently changed, bug 315536 
-- see bug 346332 for the fallout from that); currently, the behavior is to force a save-to-disk.

However, what actually happens is:  the "multipart/appledouble" type is used 
to determine whether the retrictions should be enforced, so there are no restrictions.  Then when the action is saved to mimeTypes.rdf, it's saved using the "multipart/appledouble" as well.  This means if a later message arrives with multipart/appledouble + application/octet-stream, that attachment will be handled with the stored action even if the actual type is something entirely different -- e.g., a PDF could be passed to an MP3 player.
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Steps to repeat:
1) Open a profile in Thunderbird or Seamonkey that doesn't have a default handler for the .JPG extenstion.
1a) With Seamonkey, open the MailNews window
2) File|Open, select this attachment
3 [review]) Double-click on the message's attachment
4 [review]) Select a handling option, check "Always do this", and OK
5) View the attachment-handling settings (TB: Options|Attachments|View; 
SM: Preferences|Navigator|Helper Applications).  Double-click the JPG entry.

Actual results:
3) Shows the regular "Opening..." dialog with the "Always do this" checkbox enabled.
SM also shows attachment's type as "multipart/appledouble"

5) "Download Action" window shows type "multipart/appledouble" associated 
with the .JPG extension.

Expected results:
3) Either the current "Save" dialog that is being used in the current builds of the branch for application/octet-stream, or the orignal dialog with Save, Open enabled but "Always do this" disabled.

4) Shouldn't *be* a .JPG entry at all.
xref bug 229879
Product: Core → MailNews Core
This breaks attachment handling, so it's pretty serious.
Severity: normal → critical
Severity: critical → major
Keywords: testcase
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