Create a Gmail RDF file for the Account Manager

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Account Manager
12 years ago
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12 years ago
We should make account creation for gmail accounts really easy. 

The file can be hosted as an extension on addons. Maybe we can get other ISPs to jump in with their own account information.

Here's the documentation how to do this:

Here's the gmail server info:

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12 years ago
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first cut at gmail account settings

Folks can test this by putting this file in the following directory

<directory for thunderbird.exe>\defaults\isp\en-US

Open up the account wizard and you should see an option for creating gmail accounts.

Account Notes:
* Pop3 over ssl
* leave on server
* biff should download new messages
* check for new mail at startup
* remember password
* smtp over ssl on port 587

On the fence on what to do for defaulting to using global inbox. this patch doesn't use global inbox.
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12 years ago
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11 years ago
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ship gmail.rdf

This takes the gmail.rdf file I created in the first patch and ships it by default for Thunderbird. 

I removed example.rdf which is obsolete. I added comments for aol.rdf and nswebmail.rdf to suggest not using them as templates as they are obsolete and they use the proprietary redirector types. gmail and dotmac are much better examples. I'm tempted to cvs remove aol.rdf and nswebmail.rdf, what do you think David? Any reason to keep those around?
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11 years ago
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11 years ago
I think we might want to consider shipping with an aol.rdf, now that they've opened up their imap server, so I wouldn't remove it. nswebmail.rdf, yeah, that should go... (AOL is still the largest ISP, as I understand it...)

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11 years ago
I removed nswebmail.rdf and adjusted the README file when I checked this in.
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11 years ago
fixed on the branch too.
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