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No CalDAV query after initial REPORT when started against a CalDAV server with no events in window


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Sunbird 0.3
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When I start Sunbird (0.3) against a CalDAV server which returns no events on the first REPORT, Sunbird seems not to want to query it again.  Even if I (e.g.) change weeks, switch to month view, disable / enable remote calendar, etc.

If I switch to month view (which should show the events) and then quit and restart Sunbird, the events show up, and everything continues to work as expected (REPORT happens whenever I change view, etc.).

I can even add and edit an event (which is sent to the CalDAV server correctly) without Sunbird redisplaying the calendar (or requesting a REPORT from the server).

The problem does not occur with Lightning 0.3.

I will now download the latest nightly and see if the problem still exists.
This is a log of what Sunbird does from when I start the program, including bouncing around different views (day, week, multiweek, month) and then adding, moving, and editing an event and again bouncing around all the different views, until I quit.

Way too few REPORT queries in there!
This problem is still present in the latest nightly of Sunbird:
 Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv:1.9a1) Gecko/20061108 Calendar/0.4a1

Also, the problem *might* also be present in Lightning but not visible to me because Lightning does a different first REPORT request (two months wide vs. initial view +/- 1 day wide) which in my current case does return some results.
Confirming (on Sunbird, though I'm sure it does this on ltn as well). When the first REPORT returns no items we aren't changing auth status, so the request queue never gets flushed. I think this will be fixed as a side effect of the proposed patch for bug 355270, which changes auth status and flushes the queue after PROPFINDing the calendar's DAV resourcetype.
I have confirmed that this is a problem on Lightning, just that lightning's initial two month wide REPORT query makes it less visible.

Also, given the effect that this has on viewing a CalDAV calendar I will (try and) raise the severity to 'major'.

Possibly that severity should be higher since it really does make CalDAV unusable if your session initially has no appointments in it, and a calendar with no appointments in it will really be a fairly normal case for first time users!

Also, bug 355270 should perhaps depend on this one, since this problem applies to communication with any CalDAV server, not just Cosmo.  I discovered it using my own CalDAV implementation which is available at .
Severity: normal → major
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setting qawanted as I think this was fixed by a recent checkin from bug 355270
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Not going to make the 0.5 train.
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Andrew, does this work for you with latest nightly builds (maybe fixed by patch from bug 355270)?
Yes this fixes the problem. Thank you
Yes, I can confirm that using a recent nightly I don't see the problem any longer.

Andrew McMillan.
Closed: 17 years ago
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