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in downloads of hebrew version add suggestion to download bidi extension.


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in downloads
please when downloading hebrew version of thunderbird add a sugsession
to visit:

it will make thunderbird more popular.

actualy i found it in a forum (not directly in mozilla site)
its like hidden feuture.
and before that i had truble using thunderbird before it, my fiends was unable to read my mails. they ware reversed.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.go to downloads thunderbird of hebrew version simply download it.
Actual Results:  
nosugsesion to download a bidi pack

Expected Results:  
show asugsession near to download link to visit
and save it with right click, save link as

by default the bidi is not included in hebrew version of thunderrbird.
Tsahi- this is your area :)
I think it is good idea, especily since in my work area most people do use Thunderbird and Linux, but not everyone is aware of solution for RTL in mail.

We already provide users link to install the spell checker dictionary after install; We should do similar effort to ensure our users know about that extension unless someone want to integrate it into Thunderbird itself, like what we did with Firefox. 
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Where would you put this message?  Please be specific.
logically, it would have to be on the firstrun page
Closing. If this is still relevant, please reopen.
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this is still relevant. we sometimes get support requests about this issue, and i don't know what do the rest of the people do.
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(In reply to comment #6)
> this is still relevant. 

This issue is still relevant unless we can get someone to implement some basic bidi controls into Thunderbird which will allow us to get rid of this issue. (bug 464436)
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I've added a link to bidiui (and Hebrew spelling dictionary) on Tb 5 whatsnew page (bug 665157 comment 5), although I don't belive this will get everyone to install that addon.
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bug 464436 has actually made some "progress"
See Also: → 464436
Summary: in downloads of hebrew version add sugsession to download bidi extention. → in downloads of hebrew version add suggestion to download bidi extension.
Product: → Graveyard
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