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Wrong cursor hovering links after hovering sidebar splitter




12 years ago
12 years ago


(Reporter: philor, Assigned: jaas)


Mac OS X

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12 years ago
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If the Cocoafox sidebar isn't open when the window is opened, then when you open it, and hover the mouse over the splitter between the sidebar and the main content window, so that the cursor changes to an E-W resizer, then that cursor is used while hovering links - while you are moving the mouse over a link, the cursor is a hand, but when you stop moving it, it settles into the resize cursor. If the sidebar is open when the window is open, no problem, and after you load a new page after opening the sidebar, no problem.


1. Make sure the bookmarks/history sidebar isn't showing, close the browser, reopen it.
2. Hover a link, see that the cursor is a hand.
3. Open either the bookmarks or history sidebar.
4. Hover the sidebar-content splitter, so the cursor changes to an E-W resizer.
5. Hover a link in the main content window, see that the cursor is a hand while the mouse is moving, but a resizer when it's stopped.
6. With the sidebar still open, open a new window, repeat 4-5, but see that the cursor doesn't change to a resizer.
7. With the sidebar still open, close the browser, then reopen, and repeat 4-5, again seeing that the cursor doesn't change to a resizer while over links.

A current --enable-default-toolkit=mac build doesn't have the bug.

Comment 1

12 years ago
Fixed by something with rough timing that indicates bug 376811
Last Resolved: 12 years ago
Depends on: 376811
Resolution: --- → FIXED
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