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Bookmark toolbar folders don't auto-open on hover


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On other platforms, and on Bon Echo on Mac, when you open one folder on the bookmark toolbar, moving the mouse over other folders will auto-open them. This does not quite happen on current trunk.

1. Click on a bookmark toolbar folder to open it.
2. Move the mouse left or right to another folder.

The other folder should open, but it doesn't.

A couple of things to note: 

You can get the other folders to open automatically, but what you do is move the mouse over the opened menupopup, then move it straight onto the other folder toolbarbutton, at which point it will open.

On a places bookmark build the result is slightly different. You cannot get the other folders to open automatically, but moving the mouse over the other folders will at least highlight the toolbarbutton visually. I am unsure though if the places toolbar has the auto-open code for folders though.

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Interestingly bug 355102 appears to have made this worse. Now the trick of moving over the popup then onto the toolbarbutton no longer opens the other menus.
this works for josh... he's going to look at it further.
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I'd add that folders within folders on the toolbar do auto-open, it's just those on the toolbar that won't. Knowing how those work I'd guess that there's something odd about the mouseover events going to the main window while the menupopup is open.

Perhaps this is related to bug 371405?
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This is a better way to do mouse move routing. This implementation mimics GTK2's behavior, fixing this bug.
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fix v1.0

Looks good. r=cbarrett
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fix v1.0

rsr=sicking. Would be great if you could get a proper sr when vlad or stuart gets back.
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fix v1.0

Requesting another review from pav for when he gets back.
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fixed on trunk
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