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globalOverlay.js uses bogus controller algorithm


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The internal controller algorithm used by Gecko searches from the focused element through its window ancestry to find a controller that supports the specified command. At that point the search should stop, and the enabled state should be queried solely from that controller. However bug 317633 introduced a wrapper function that manually searches additional controllers looking for an enabled command, which defeats the purpose of the supportsCommand method.

For an example, SuiteRunner wants to use a command to enable the Copy menuitem depending on whether the evaluator box has focus or not. The Ctrl+C keystroke already works correctly because that it processed internally, but the menuitem will copy the error message if the evaluator box has focus but no selection.

I don't know if any browser code actually depends on this bogus behaviour.

In addition to removing the wrapper, the doCommand method needs to account for the fact that top.document.commandDispatcher.getControllerForCommand may not return an enabled controller.
Whoops, I accidentally clicked on that privacy checkbox :-(
I'm OK with taking this change back now that bug 359462 is fixed.

If doing this does break the places controllers somehow, we can change the places-views to use insertControllerAt rather than appendController.
Also, as fancy as it was I think we should remove the CommandUpdater object and restore the old functions.
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Note: I didn't look for the possible impacts this could have on the places controllers.
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mozilla/toolkit/content/globalOverlay.js 1.29
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+function goOnEvent(node, aEvent)
+  var numControllers = aNode.controllers.getControllerCount();
+  var controller;
+  for (var controllerIndex = 0; controllerIndex < numControllers; controllerIndex++) {
+    controller = aNode.controllers.getControllerAt(controllerIndex);
+    if (controller)
+      controller.onEvent(aEvent);
+  }

I'm getting JavaScript Error: "aNode is not defined" {file: "chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js" line: 139} on recent suiterunner builds - shouldn't the parameter be aNode and not node?
Fixes regression that I mentioned in comment 10, which was causing JavaScript Error: "aNode is not defined" {file: "chrome://global/content/globalOverlay.js" line: 139}
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Thanks Mark.

mozilla/toolkit/content/globalOverlay.js 1.30
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