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Ctrl-click doesn't select tree items before triggering context menu


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When you right-click a tree item in a tree without a selected item, the item is selected, and then the context menu popup shows for the selected item, but when you ctrl-click, you get the context menu first, for "nothing selected."


1. Open about:config
2. Without clicking anything first, right-click a pref

At this point, you have a context menu with active "Copy Name" and "Copy Value" items

3. Close and reopen about:config
4. Without clicking anything first, ctrl-click a pref

At this point, although the pref appears selected, you have a context menu with inactive "Copy Name" and "Copy Value" items, like you get if you filter down to just a few prefs and click the blank space below the tree. Dismiss the context popup and ctrl-click again, or ctrl-click any other pref now that you have a selection, or click a pref first, then ctrl-click any other pref, and you get the correct menu.

Finding working examples in other trees is a little more difficult, but if you persuade Thunderbird not to select anything in the thread pane, and ctrl-click a message there, you get the "no message selected" version of the menu, and in Firefox's History sidebar, if you expand out to an individual entry without a selection, right-click selects and shows the correct menu, ctrl-click selects but doesn't open any menu at all.

A current --enable-default-toolkit=mac build works exactly the same with either ctrl-click or right-click.
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Ah, also Firefox's bookmarks sidebar, which complicates training yourself to work around it: remembering to always click an about:config pref before ctrl-clicking it is a good thing, but if you click a sidebar bookmark, you open it over your current tab, whether or not you wanted to.
Ok, this sounds related/similar to bug 368077 -- though in that one control-click is giving focus to the right place.  It sounds like control-click/right-click is just broken overall in a bunch of edge cases.
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fix v1.0

Looks good. Wonder why my version of this fix didn't work. Oh well. Tested it in about:config and it works correctly.
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