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Can't move caret into floats using up/down arrow keys


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In caret browsing mode:
- Go to
- Place the caret somewhere in the footer.
- Try using up-arrow to move into the main content.
- Notice that the page scrolls all the way to the top, and the caret disappears.

This is because the main content portion of the page is a float.
First reported by Willie Walker in bug 205846 comment 9 (step #4).

The attached testcase shows that the problem exists in both directions (you can't enter a float using down-arrow either. In both cases, the caret skips the float.
Additionally, placing the caret on the first line of the float (e.g. using the mouse), and then pressing up-arrow, moves the caret to the row before the one preceding the float.

Bug 334626 (fixed) was about a similar problem for left/right arrows.
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Not a blocker since this isn't a regression
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Hi Uri, Ginn: any ideas on this bug and why it is so difficult to fix?  Are there any workarounds that can be done in Orca or Gecko for this?
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Dear all,

Is anybody still able to reproduce this bug ?

In a test on Firefox Nightly on Debian GNU/Linux 8.8 with Orca 3.24 I can't reproduce the issue with the attached testcase.

Best regards.
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Not relevant on Windows, since we don't use Caret Browsing with screen readers, and I cannot visually verify this bug. Leaving the NI for Joanie to look at it from the Orca perspective.
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Closing as WONTFIX. Orca does its own caret navigation.
Closed: 3 years ago
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