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No AppleScript way to get browser window tab URLs, titles


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Some Mac developers would like access to Firefox URL lists

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1 Launch Script Editor
2 Open Firefox dictionary
Actual Results:  
No apparent provision to get URLs, titles of open window tabs

Expected Results:  
Would like commands to get URLs, titles of open window tabs

Observed with and

This is a request from Fetch Softworks (developers of Fetch, the well-known Mac S/FTP client) <> but submitted on behalf of other developers who also could benefit from this - and who may have additional implementation input.
BTW, Fetch Softworks bug 96277 depends, in part, on this bug (FWIW, related Safari bug is rdar://4983733)
With Firefox 2 I was able to get the URL of the frontmost tab using:

get <<class curl>> of window 1

using the class code because there's no entry for that property in the scripting dictionary. However, in 3.0b4 even this does not work on many of my customers' Macs.
get <<class curl>> of window 1 does _not_ work if the user is running Default Folder X on their system.

I have contacted the makers of DFX to find out what they are doing in their process that could cause some problems but haven't heard back.
Just to update, there is definitely a bug in FireFox which is blocking this AppleScript in certain situations, I can't quite reproduce those situations at the moment. All I know is it is currently crippling some functionality in my app.

Is there any alternative to using Applescript in FireFox?
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