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pop3 mail not removed from server if Moved from inbox.


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In the current Seamonkey options there is a setting "leave messages on server until I delete them".

In previous versions, the messages would be deleted from the server if they were deleted or moved from the inbox.


Now it is impossible to save messages in another folder and not have them also clogging up your inbox.


Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1.Have sea monkey set to leave messages on server until I delete them.
2.Move a message from your inbox to a local folder
3.Get new mail, so that your pop state is updated.
4.The message you've moved is left on the server, and not deleted. 

Actual Results:  
The message should be deleted from the server once it is moved from your inbox to a local folder. But it isn't.

This setting also overrides the previous mail and news settings, and fails to warn to the user of this extremely major change.

Expected Results:  
Parity with previous versions. The message should be deleted from the inbox when it is moved.

The inbox fills up with messages you don't want in the inbox, but want to keep locally. For many people, they'll lose new mails once their inbox fills up. Tough luck to them: they've no way of knowing, since seamonkey hadn't warned them when it altered those settings upon its being updated.

It is now impossible to properly manage mail with Seamonkey.
I found a document:

Seamonkey is not passing this part of it:

Delete messages on the server when they are deleted locally
Note:  This preference works as stated only after user clicks on the Get message button or have Biff settings turned on.  In which case there is a connection made to the server and messages will be removed from the server.  This preference should be checked when you have left copies of messages on the server.


    * Verify when this pref is checked and the message is moved from the inbox to any other folder, message gets deleted from the server. The message should be copied into the destination folder and then deleted from the inbox.

This is likely caused by
Just set the hidden pref mail.pop3.deleteFromServerOnMove to true to get the old (tb 1.5) behaviour.
Yes, I read about that work around in the bug 226839, and posted it anonymously in the thread on mozillazine. It does solve the problem. 

No one who actually has the problem is ever going to figure out on their own how to solve it though. 

It is in the beta changelog:
226839 [RFE] delete mail from pop server when moved to trash (separate preference from moved out of inbox)
That RFE is for thunderbird, not seamonkey, and there was discussion in that bug about what the prefs would say in thunderbird, but no discussion on seamonkey. The preference to use the original behaviour wasn't just separated either, it was hidden.
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