Folder name string parser changed behavior from v1.1.0. "Lost" e-mail results.



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A local folder name terminated with a period (e.g. "Jones, D.") is now parsed differently than in v1.1.0.  A new <base-name> and <base-name>.MSF file are created, rendering the previous folder contents apparently empty.  After folder compaction, a random 8-digit hex number is inserted in place of the terminating period (in both the new <base-name> and <base-name>.msf files, e.g. "Jones, D8cbaec6a.msf" in place of original "Jones, D." and "Jones, D..msf".)  (Possible buffer overflow?) 

Original mail folder contents are unaffected.  Fix as follows:  
1) Close SeaMonkey.  
2) In finder, 
  a) rename original <base-name> file, removing terminating period, 
  b) delete <base-name>..msf file {note double period}, 
  c) delete following 2 files, base and "msf", typically with embedded spurious hex strings, 
  d) start SeaMonkey.  
Good idea to copy entire Local Folder tree to a safe place while doing this.  

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Using v 1.1.0 create a Local Folder in which to save messages, e.g. Local folders/Saved/Jones, D.
2. Put a downloaded message or 2 into "Jones, D."
3. Upgrade to v1.1.1
4. Open Mail.  Look at contents of "Jones, D.". 
Actual Results:  
Just tried this while I am writing.  Ver 1.1.1 allowed creation of folder named "Jones, D.". Finder shows insertion of 8-digit hex string in place of period.  Can't quit and re-start SeaMonkey while I am filling in this form.  

I may not be the only user to use personal mail folders of the form "Jones, David G.".  Others may panic when it appears that they have lost their saved e-mails.  OTOH, I may be the only Mac user to use SeaMonkey, so no big problem.  

This may relate to some of the other mail issues posted. 

P.S. Try creating a local folder named ".mac", e.g. for DotMac.  :-) 

Feel free to post me if more details or testing needed.
Can you try and reproduce with v1.1.9 ?
(And with v2.0a1pre ?)
Ever confirmed: true
Keywords: dataloss
Version: unspecified → SeaMonkey 1.1 Branch
Looks to be same issue as Bug 379101.
I don't know change(s) pointed in Bug 379101 were landed on which Seamonkey release(s).


10 years ago
Duplicate of this bug: 373706
Setting Dependency to Tb's Bug 379101 for ease of search/track, although I think Core issue.
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