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Add printing test mode to reftests


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Not set





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Per description; I have a patch almost finished.

Not sure what component this should go in... whatever.
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I'll admit this patch not especially pretty, but I think it's worthwhile because the functionality is needed.

Note that this isn't a perfect clone of what you'd get from print preview, but it's good enough to test pagination.

I got rid of the headers/footers because they could cause false positives.  The page size is small so that pagination can be tested without lots of repetitions.
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It would be nice if we had a way to run existing tests in print mode as well. But not lots of tests would fail in print mode, and many of those probably are expected failures. I'm not sure what direction we want to take with print-mode reftests in the long term.
Checked in. (hope it doesn't break the tree)
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Is there a followup bug on dealing with that #if 0 hunk (and the "I'm leaving this in a broken state" comment)?
Depends on: 402264
Depends on: 402399
(In reply to comment #5)
> Is there a followup bug on dealing with that #if 0 hunk (and the "I'm leaving
> this in a broken state" comment)?

I couldn't find one so I filed bug 402399.

This bug broke printing a selection on Linux and MacOSX, bug 402264.
I just tried using this, and ran into a problem: I have no way to tell what the actual printable area (available height) of the page is, so I can't create a reference for my test...

Is there something I'm missing?  Or should we be setting some margins to 0 or some such?  I tried setting ps.margin* and ps.edge* to 0, but I see nothing that actually _reads_ the marginTop value, say, on Mac.
Depends on: 421890
OS: Windows XP → All
Hardware: PC → All
Blocks: 428037
Depends on: 428975
Blocks: 451264
Depends on: 451541
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