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Integrate Prototype Test Suite


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We need to start the process of integrating JavaScript library test suites into the Mozilla test system (most likely via Mochitest).

More information about this initiative can be found here:

and here:

I've completed the first steps of integrating and running Prototype's test suite against Mochitest, the results of which can be found here:

The only thing that I need to know is a specific directory in which these tests will be located, such that I can build a patch to add Prototype in.

I suspect that this ticket will also encapsulate setting up the groundwork of the framework test suite; but Prototype seems like as good a library as any to begin testing against.
This is a patch to start the foundation for all JavaScript library test suites (to be located in dom/tests/mochitest/ajax). Additionally, this patch adds the Prototype test suite as its first entry.
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A gif that's used in the Prototype test suite. Should be put in the directory: dom/tests/mochitest/ajax/prototype/test/unit/fixtures/
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Add Prototype and base test libs to the suite.

This duplicates MochiKit in ajax/lib, but I am OK with that because it will ease integration as we add Every Library Evar.
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An error recently popped up in a test case - and we found it really hard to debug what was going wrong. This patch adds line numbers to help determine where exactly the error is occurring. (Apply in mozilla/)
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I just upstreamed the line number patch:
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