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Like bug 359982 says we have to translate the privacy policy into German. We are a bit behind due to this bug was lost in my database. So anyone who is willed to help is welcome. As base we use attachment 246477 [details] or have a look at the provided URL.
Seems to me like a legal text. Should we really translate that, our would a lawyer be more appropiate?
I'm in contact with Gerv since two days. We don't start to translate this document so far. If I have new information it will be comment on the depending bug for all languages.
Nearly one year passed by. I had a conversation with Chris Hofmann at FOSDEM last weekend about this topic. As he mentioned we don't have to translate all of it in a perfect legal text. The final review will be done by a German lawyer. So it would be great if we could coordinate the translation within the next weeks. Lets do a post in our newsgroup and the forum. We can combine it with the upcoming work for SUMO.
We are still waiting for an answer on bug 359982 before we start working on that.
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This is a mass change. Every comment has "assigned-to-new" in it.

I didn't look through the bugs, so I'm sorry if I change a bug which shouldn't be changed. But I guess these bugs are just bugs that were once assigned and people forgot to change the Status back when unassigning.

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8 years ago
Is this still an active bug?  We are doing some translation work in other legal bugs so I'm wondering if we should coordinate.
What I can tell you is that no one from Germany is working on this.
Kadir, should we close this one then?
Milos, I'd rather see this being translated. I think it's important and worth it. But I do not have the time to pursue this further. Maybe you can find someone in the L10n team push this through for the tier 1 languages (or maybe for all if possible).

Julie, are you still looking into this?
I think the privacy team needs to own the process here. Happy to discuss, but that teams knows plans, timelines, impact etc. CCing Alex Fowler.

Not sure I'd use this bug for a current attempt, but that's just a detail.

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8 years ago
Alex, any updates on what we are doing with the policy and the localization of it?
Alex, any updates on what we are doing with the policy and the localization of it?
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There was no reaction for almost two months since the last comment, so I’m closing this bug.
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this is being addressed and updated by legal first and then localization.  As of now, all legal documents are initially translated by an agency, followed by a review from each of the community.  New bugs will be filed accordingly when the content is ready.
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