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When I enable Tools->Options->General->when new message arrive->Show an alert then I get - as expected - a popup (that goes away after a short time) notifying about a new incoming message.

BUT: This happens only for the first new mail(s) on last check.
This happens regardless whether only one e-mail account is configured/set up or more accounts and no matter if IMAP or POP3 accounts. So seems to be general behaviour.

The same behaviour was prior to TB 2.0 also - so it might be intended to work this way. But as there was only the number of new mails displayed in the past that notification window did not make much sense - at least for me.

Now as you can customize the information displayed in the new mail alert popup it is more interesting information. So I would like to have an additional option in Tools->Options->General->when new message arrive:

"Show alert on every new mail (not just for first)"

BTW: This would implement same functionality that is also available for Outlook users (I don't use Outlook since years but I have seen that at collegues and I liked that).

I know that it has advantages getting the notification only on the first time - that because if you are working on a difficult thing and don't want to get disturbed. - But then I would completely turn off the popup notification then. The system tray icon is displayed anyway - so this is then enough.

But when I want the popup notification I want it all the time for every e-mail because:

I have Thunderbird minimized and working - let's say programming or writing some document.

Then a new mail arrives. From subject and/or sender in the popup I could see already if important or not. If not I would simply continue working.
If important then I would switch to TB and reading the e-mail.

Reproducible: Always

Steps to Reproduce:
1. Enable Tools->Options->General->when new message arrive->Show an alert
2. Open TB and make sure that new mail notifications disappear (in system tray)
3. Minimize TB and send a mail from somewhere else to the TB account.
4. Wait until the notification popup appears (TB account check for new messages should be set to 1 minute or so before to not make you wait too long ;-) ).
5. Send a second mail from somewhere else to the TB account.
6. The e-mail arrives but there is no popup notification alert displayed any more.
Actual Results:  
For second, third etc. mail no more mail notification alert is displayed.

Expected Results:  
mail notification popup should be displayed always for every new incoming mail.

I tried with and without some addons, on an updated machine and I tried even on a plain new machine with no TB previously installed, no addons and one single POP account only.

So I do not think that is a behaviour specific to Windows version or depending on upgrade path. It just seems general (maybe intended) behaviour.


12 years ago
Version: unspecified → 2.0

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12 years ago
So in my opinion the new mail notification alert with sender, subject and/or abstract does only make sense if it is displayed for every new mail arriving and not just on the first because if the first mail is not read no further incoming mail is noticed.
SeaMonkey bug 210148.
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Duplicate of this bug: 421542


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Summary: New mail alert popup only on first arriving new e-mail → New mail alert popup only on first arriving new email
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