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AMO Localization (pt-BR)


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This is my intention to localize AMO to support pt-BR market development. Will add peers soon.
Marcio has cleared this with the current l10n owner (Jeferson Hultmann), and has the SealOfApproval. :)
When we see this case in the messages.po file 
#: views/reviews/review_added.thtml:43
msgid "addon_review_in_moderation"
msgstr ""
"Please note: Before your review shows up on the public site, it will be "
"moderated by an editor."

Should we just fix it? Or this is correct? 
OS: Windows XP → All
If you're referring to the way the lines are broken up, one of our scripts does that automatically. It will wrap lines to a certain number of characters. So, it's fine if you translate all on the same line - when we run the merge script it will convert it to that format automatically.
K thanks ( above comment ). 


pt-BR note / legal aspect
For EULA pt-BR definition I am using a temporary assumption based on the this document ALSUF would be the short to the EULA for pt-BR based on it. 

Framework Question: 
Is it okay if I leave #Localization-comments in the messages.po so we don't over annotate this bug? 
Yes, that sure is okay. We don't delete comments out of l10n files.
(In reply to comment #2)

po/pot files are not supposed to be edited by hand. You should use a tool like poedit/kbabel.

A tool will make your work easier when you have to update the file. It will show you all changes.
gettext diff is here for an initial Review by Gloria.

Soon I will attach here. Trying to get some initial comments for her. 
Attached gettext Fully translated to PT-BR by me (Filipe Grillo) and Vinicius Baggio and reviewed mgalli /
Jeferson and Wil. Is it possible we can have this enable on a staging server? 
(In reply to comment #10)
> Jeferson and Wil. Is it possible we can have this enable on a staging server? 

Absolutely!  Thanks for your hard work.  You can view it on the staging server here:

And since I don't see it linked in this bug yet, here is a run through of localizing AMO (you're already in the middle of it, so you've probably seen it before):

Thanks again.
Attached file Reviewed Candidate (obsolete) —
Hello Will, This is the reviewed version of the first candidate.

Do you think we can see it in the stage version?

Attachment #285103 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Cool. Significant changes went to this reviewed candidate. 
The new file will show up on the staging server in about 5 minutes.  Thanks.
Attached file Pt-BR Localized messages.po (obsolete) —
New version of the messages.po in PT-BR

Corrected with help of three reviewers and Jefferson (Firefox localizer)

Can we see it on the stage version?

Soon we will have the special pages too.

Attachment #285950 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Attached file fixed messages.po

The file you attached was in an ISO-8859-1 format instead of UTF-8, which means it wouldn't compile into the .mo file.  I fixed it, and attached the fixed version here.  If you download it and use it insted, hopefully your text editor will save it in the same format (or if you know how to tell your editor to save as UTF-8, please do that).

Your changes should be viewable on
Attachment #289376 - Attachment is obsolete: true
I don't know if it's a bug. A previous version of the pt-BR translation is available at

P.S. Filipe, I pointed out ~20 bugs and these bugs are still unfixed.
Not a bug.  The staging server updates every few minutes, but the production site updates, at most, once a week.  Rest assured it will go live eventually. :)
Sandbox localized flowchart strings:

Complemento Enviado
Novo Complemento?
Tornar o Complemento Público
Complemento Confiável?
Autor indica um Complemento não público
Revisão do Editor

All the specialized pages and the flowchart strings were localized by me and Márcio Galli and reviewed by Gloria Edini and friends/relatives.

Can you push them to the stage server Wil?

Great work guys!

I committed all the pages attached here to SVN (r9697) and they should be visible on the staging server ( in a few minutes.  fligtar will be adding the sandbox flowchart shortly.

The sandbox flowchart has been created and committed, however the file that you uploaded as sandbox.thtml is actually nomination.thtml.
Attachment #297737 - Attachment is obsolete: true
(In reply to comment #28)
> Created an attachment (id=297833) [details]
> Pt-BR version of the sandbox page

Got it, r9701.  You had <pre> tags around all the content which made it look funny so I removed them.  Thanks.
BTW, once looks good to you, let me know here and I'll make pt-BR appear in the dropdown list on AMO and schedule this for our next push.

Note on pt-PT in case we want to check our commons etc

bug 391197
Wi(l)der audience comment notes

Marcio Galli dad 
"Nós temos uma lista de algumas de nossas Complementos favoritos para você começar, incluindo esta abaixo."
>> Nossos complementos

"Nós colocamos um pouco dos mais populares sites de busca na Barra de Pesquisa no canto superior esquerdo do Firefox. Se você quer adicionar outros, existem centenas para você escolher. Clique em um Mecanismo de Busca para adicioná-lo na Barra de Pesquisa do Firefox:"
segue minha versão:
"Nós disponibilizamos alguns dos mais populares sites de busca na Barra de Pesquisa no canto superior esquerdo do Firefox. Se você quiser adicionar outros, existem centenas para você escolher. Clique em um Mecanismo de Busca para adicioná-lo na Barra de Pesquisa do Firefox:"

Attached file Final revision before going online (obsolete) —
Small bugs pointed in the bug were corrected.

Wil, you have the OK!
Ready to go online :)
@Filipe: How about the bugs I reported in October? The current version still has those typos, improper Title Case, and words that don't match the Firefox/Thunderbird UI.
We ve taken those in considerations AFAwK. Jeferson can you enumate specifically if something still remains, maybe we just missed. 
Marcio, Filipe has already emailed me, he is working on the issues.

This is just a friendly reminder that I'm sending to all the AMO L10n bugs:

The 3.2 redesign is going live in just over a week and a half.  If you can't make the schedule or you have any questions please let me know.  If you've already updated your locales, thanks so much - they're looking great. :)

Will I'm on it!
intent to upload the messages.po (3.2) some day before wednesday (12/03)

I'll localize and count with Mgalli for reviewing (and backup if needed)
Attached file messages.po pt-BR of remora 3.2 (obsolete) —
Here it is!

This file was localized be me and counts with review from Márcio Galli. Soon we'll have another review from Jeferson Hultmann.

Wil, can we see it on the remora?
Attachment #303431 - Attachment is obsolete: true
in SVN, r11233.  Thanks.  Should be on stage shortly.
Newest messages.po localized

Reviews are welcome!
Attachment #308861 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Here is the new page in pt-BR, no reviews yet
again, reviews are welcome.

Wil, what should I do to get svn access to the AMO pt-BR repository?

Thanks, both updates are in SVN, r11322

> Wil, what should I do to get svn access to the AMO pt-BR repository?


I've marked Filipe as a localizer on the site which should allow him to localize the categories, etc. online.  Thanks Filipe.
Reassigning to Filipe Grillo. 
Assignee: mgalli → filipe.grillo
A reminder about an outdated string:  (Background in bug 426582)  The string "feature_reviews" was changed to include the number of reviews and your translation hasn't been updated to reflect that.  The English localization is:

msgid "feature_reviews"
msgid_plural "feature_reviews"
msgstr[0] "%1$s review"
msgstr[1] "%1$s reviews"

Please update your .po file with the pluralization when you can.  If you need help let me know.
Sorry! i'm a little late with the .po updates... This semester is killing me!

I'll fix this ASAP!

Wil, can you replace it on the SVN? 

I'm still waiting to get access to it

Attachment #309649 - Attachment is obsolete: true
Thanks, r17893
Pushed checked in today a bunch of catch up strings a summary is here - _ i am running a review with Felipe and other moz contributors in Brazil to see how bad was my translation - I am certain I landed some keywords not in match with the latest. The reviw request was sent to Filipe Grillo ( for his previous work here ), Jeferson Hultmann lead pt-BR ff 3.1, Fernando Silveira ( pt-BR site ) and Andrea Balle ( community ).
Review from Andrea Balle
Oi Márcio

Achei meio estranha a ordem que você colocou nessas frases aqui:

Linha 291: Navegar todos os Temas :: Complementos %1$s
Linha 369: Navegar Temas %1$s :: Complementos %2$s

Por que eu entendi assim (posso ter entendido errado): essa parte que vem depois do "::" quer dizem que existem "%1$s " (sendo %1$s  um número) de complementos, como se eu falasse "existem 10 complementos". Do jeito que você colocou, parece que está dizendo "existem complementos 10". Por isso achei a ordem meio estranha, eu acho que ficaria melhor assim:

Linha 291: Navegar todos os Temas :: %1$s Complementos
Linha 369: Navegar Temas %1$s :: %2$s Complementos

Se esses "%1$s" não forem números e eu entendi errado (fora do contexto), desconsidera a minha viagem xD

E na linha 762, você colocou "No Sandbox;", não seria melhor NA Sandbox? Por que literalmente "box" é caixa, que é feminino... Só uma sugestão :)

Na 3582, "Frequently Asked Questions" se traduz normalmente só como "Perguntas Frequentes".

Na 4019, "Agrupar por: Mes", faltou o circunflexo do "Mês" (ai, como eu sou chata).

Na 4406 "re-registrar" eu acho que não é usado em português. Poderia substituir por "registrar novamente". Também não sei se "Farewell!" ficou bom traduzido como "Despedida!", talvez ficasse melhor como "Tchau!" ou "Adeus!", apesar de ser menos literal.

Na 4830, "A first name, last name or nickname is required.", acho que first name seria "nome" e last name seria "sobrenome".

Acho que é isso, espero ter ajudado. Se alguma das minhas sugestões for piração minha, desconsidera, hehehe.

Review from Gloria Galli
achei pequenas coisas, mas acho que assim fica melhor - transcrevi numero das linhas p/ ficar + facil achar as correções. ( estao logo após - "eu diria")

4409      "Your user account %1$s has been successfully deleted. If you want to come "      "Sua conta de usuário %1$s foi deletada com sucesso. Se você tiver interesse em "
4410      "back some time, you can re-register on the <a href=\"%2$s\">user "      "voltar, você poderá re-registrar na <a href=\"%2$s\">

eu diria :
Se você tiver interesse em voltar, poderá registrar-se novamente n.... (ao invés de re-registrar)

4434      "\">author of any add-ons</a>. To delete your account, please have another "      "\">autor de complementos</a>. Para deletar sua conta, por favor coloque outra "
4435      "person in your development group delete you from the list of authors for "      "pessoa no grupo de desenvolvimento e delete você da lista de autores para "
4436      "your add-ons. Afterwards you will be able to delete your account here."      "seus Complementos. Somente depois você poderá deletar sua conta aqui."

eu diria:
Você não pode deletar sua conta se estiver listado como um..... (...)  Coloque outra pessoa no grupo de desenvolvimento e tire seu nome da lista de autores para.... (..) Somente depois disso, poderá deletar sua conta aqui.

4442      msgstr "If you have additional questions, please contact %1$s for assistance."      msgstr "Se você tem outras perguntas, por favor entre em contato com %1$s para assistência."
eu diria:
(...) entre em contato com.... para obter assistência.

 "You need to check the box \"I understand...\" before we can delete your "  "Você precisa marcar a caixa \"Eu Concordo...\" antes de você deletar sua "
4449      "account."      "conta."

eu diria:
 (...) antes de deletar sua conta.

496      "Your reviews and ratings will not be deleted, but they will no longer be "      "Suas revisões ou notas não serão apagadas, mas elas não serão mais "
4497      "associated with you."      "associadas com seu usuário."

(..) não serão apagadas, mas elas não serão mais associadas ao seu nome (login ?)

504      "If you have a specific problem we may help you with, please do not delete "      "Se você tem um problema específico que podemos lhe ajudar, por favor não apague"
4505      "your account now, but contact us at %1$s and we will do our best to assist "      "sua conta agora, mas entre em contato conosco em %1$s e nós faremos nosso melhor para lhe ajudar "
4506      "you in solving it."      "a resolver o problema."

eu diria:
(...) por favor, não delete (apague) sua conta agora, mas entre em contato conosco  em .... e faremos o melhor para ajudá-lo a resolver o problema.

Review from Bruno, the legal related wording 
Oh, now I get it. My suggestion is:

Addons Policy - Política de Uso dos Complementos
Mozilla Privacy Policy - Política de Privacidade da Mozilla
Pinged filipe grillo for a final review.
fGrillo's review

msgid "addons_status_nominated
msgstr "Na Sandbox; Nominado para Publicação" ==> Nomeado ou Indicado fica melhor aqui
msgid "compatibility_report_intro"
msgstr ""
"Dos Complementos do  %1$s que representam 95&#37; da utilização de Complementos que Mozilla tem conhecimento, "
"<b>%2$s&#37;</b> são atualmente considerados compatíveis com as últimas versões "
"do %3$s." 

Nessa eu acho que a frase em inglês tem mais o seguinte sentido:  
"Dos %1$s Complementos que representam 95&#37; da utilização de Complementos que Mozilla tem conhecimento, " ...
msgid "page_title_review_guide"
msgstr "Regras gerais para Revisores"  ==>  para Guidelines, seria melher usar "Guia" para Revisores
msgid "page_title_submissionhelp"
msgstr "Ajuda com Envio"  ==>  Ajuda para enviar
msgid "statistics_js_plotselection_options_count_tooltip"
msgstr "Colocar a contagem total neste gráfico"   ==> Mostrar ou Traçar a contagem

msgid "user_del_confirm_password"
msgstr "Confirme senha"   ==>  Confirme sua senha

msgid "user_del_header_farewell"
msgstr "Despedida!"  ==> Acho q esse título é mais no sentido de "tchau" então poderia ficar algo como "Até mais" ou "Até logo"

Mass-close of L10n bugs.  We're using the newsgroups to notify localizers about updates so there isn't much of a reason to leave these open.  If you have a specific case, feel free to reopen.

Thanks for all your help! :)
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