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Import/Export of separators titles.

It's not yet clear whether we're going to have UI for this feature in Places, but per discussion with mconnor we're going to put import/export support for that in place, at least for the time being.
fwiw, I vaguely remember Dietrich saying that Todd used separator titles in fx 2 for sync with foxmarks.
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//    "<HR>"

should we elaborate the comment to include that you might see:

// "<HR NAME="...">"

2) any reason why nsPlacesImportExportService::WriteSeparator() shouldn't take a PRInt64 aId as the first param, instead of a nsINavHistoryResultNode?
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1) sure, done.
2) * consistency with WriteItem
   * we don't have the itemId handy in the caller
   * I would like to change this code to use node->GetTitle if we keep this
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as checked in

mozilla/browser/components/places/src/nsPlacesImportExportService.cpp 1.8
mozilla/browser/components/places/src/nsPlacesImportExportService.h 1.4
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11 years ago
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> fwiw, I vaguely remember Dietrich saying that Todd used separator titles in fx
> 2 for sync with foxmarks.

Just for the record:

I suspect that you're referring to an observation I made a year ago that the then-proposed data model for Places didn't allow a separator to have a name/title, in contrast to the current RDF data model of fx 1/2.

Foxmarks doesn't need them per se (though it does sync 'em). Names on separators are a little-known feature, but I don't think we shouldn't dump them unintentionally.

Dumping them intentionally, on the other hand, would probably be okay.
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