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Argh... please create list/newsgroup/googlegroup. This is one of the outcomes from the new mozpad community meeting today.

Newsgroup summary, if there is an applicable place to put such information: Discussions of the Mozilla Platform Application Developers Community

We would like to have the mailing list as soon as practical, even if the newsgroup/googlegroup take time with giganews/google.
Isn't tailor-made for discussions about the Mozilla platform?

What is the relationship between mozpad and Is it a Mozilla project thing, or an independent entity (like MozDev)? If the latter, is it right that we should be hosting its mailing lists?

If it's for the organisation of the group itself rather than platform development, I'm not sure that* is the right hierarchy anyway.

And while those in the know may know what "mozpad" means, it's not very transparent as a newsgroup name.


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12 years ago
Mozpad is basically a talking shop to gather goals and requirements from developers using the platform for subsequent communication to Mozilla using the normal channels (including newsgroups, wiki, Bugzilla, etc.). The group wanted the name "mozpad" to be in the newsgroup name. John Lilly kindly offered to let us host it in the* hierarchy.

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12 years ago
Gerv, we all agreed that the discussions for the mozpad group would be unwelcome noise to most of the current readership of Mozpad is mostly about creating a community around the rich-client platform, not about the specific technologies (e.g. specific technology issues would still be brought up in or or wherever).
Ben: I agree. Once Matthew clarified that the new group was for organising mozpad and not developing the platform, it became clear that was inappropriate.

But the two questions remain:

- Is the relationship between mozpad and such that we should be hosting this discussion?

- If so, is* the correct place for it?

My current thoughts are: "maybe not; more information required", and "no, would be better". I have emailed John Lilly to clarify.


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12 years ago
hey gerv -- i think this is very closely related to what we're doing -- mozpad, among other things, is effectively a user group for XUL & other moz tech. i think it's appropriate for us to host, and something like would be just fine for everyone, i think.
OK. it is :-) Assuming bs or matthew don't object to the name, Dave, could you do the honours?

Assignee: gerv → justdave

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12 years ago
(In reply to comment #7)
> OK. it is :-) Assuming bs or matthew don't object to
> the name, Dave, could you do the honours?

I strongly object! Actually I don't. :-) The name is fine.
Summary: Please create → Please create
This (and several other requests) will be getting submitted later tonight.
Mailing list has been created.  Moderator details have been mailed to bsmedberg.  The list is currently hidden from the listinfo page, it will be made visible as soon as the newsgroup appears on

new group request has been sent to Giganews and Google.
Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews/Google
Wow, Google's first this time. :)

done.  Our admin also noted that this list:

Seems out of date, or at least doesn't match our list at all.

It may be a couple hours before the groups are on the website.
Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews/Google → waiting on Giganews
From Giganews:

These have been added to our servers, they should start appearing over the next hour.

The groups have indeed appeared on the server.  The list information page link has been unhidden from
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Whiteboard: waiting on Giganews
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