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Windows file versions are incorrect


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Windows XP





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Currently, binaries are getting a file version of 1.9a7 which causes them to show in the status bar. This regressed with the landing of bug 383167.
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> Currently, binaries are getting a file version of 1.9a7 which causes them to
> show in the status bar.

True for DLLs like xpcom.dll, but FYI xul.dll is different: it has no version at all and no version tab in File Properties.

Yuck, I guess we need to deal with this for FF3... I thought I could remove the VERSIONINFO block entirely, but I can't because that's how we get publisher/description information, which we need for UAC dialogs.

So I'm proposing to following a VERSIONINFO scheme like this:


And set the VS_FF_PRERELEASE flag for any version that has a letter in it. Ted, does that sound like a reasonable plan?
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Flags: blocking1.9?
Yeah, that's not terrible.  It will at least give us consistent and increasing version numbers, which is all anyone really wants.
+'ing and marking as P3.
Flags: blocking1.9? → blocking1.9+
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Blocks: 411449
This appears to do what we want. It will regenerate the buildid every time you do a toplevel build (more specifically "export" in config).
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Embed major.minor.release.dayssincejan12000 in FILEVERSION, rev. 1

>Index: config/
> # PBI - your private build information (if not a milestone or nightly)
>@@ -85,64 +99,63 @@ sub getNextEntry
> 				$value =~ s/^\s*(.*?)\s*$/$1/;
> 				return ($entry,$value);
> 			}
> 		}
> 	}
> 	return undef;
> }
>-my ($quiet,$privateinfo,$objdir,$debug,$official,$milestone,$module,$binary,$depth,$rcinclude,$bits,$srcdir);
>+my ($quiet,$objdir,$debug,$official,$milestone,$buildid,$module,$binary,$depth,$rcinclude,$bits,$srcdir);
> GetOptions( "QUIET" => \$quiet,
>-		"PBI=s" => \$privateinfo,

Kill the comment (and any other mentions of this PBI param if you're going to kill the param.

>Index: toolkit/xre/
>-buildid = os.environ.get('MOZ_BUILD_DATE','%Y%m%d%H'))
> if options.print_buildid:
>-    print buildid
>+    print'%Y%m%d%H')
>     sys.exit(0)

Isn't this going to break Universal builds?  That's what MOZ_BUILD_DATE was for, right?

r=me with those fixed.
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It will not break universal builds, see the hunk in config/ which reads MOZ_BUILD_DATE
Oh, duh.  Must have paged that first hunk out of my brain by the time I got to the bottom.
Fixed on trunk.
Closed: 15 years ago
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Depends on: 412362
Depends on: 478161
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