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add Makefile rules for suite langpacks and locale repackaging


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The suite/locales makefile needs rules for creating langpacks and locale repackaging of builds, just like the Firefox one has them.
Here's the patch. Most of this is copied from browser/locales with small adjustments.
Everything work fine with this in place on en-US builds, I couldn't test any of the new functionalities as we don't have any working L10n in place yet (de langpack breaks in toolkit).
The patch itself probably (trivially, due to context) conflicts with the patch in bug 387279 - I had the other one integrated with this at first but decided to split it off as it needs moving of files.
I also moved the README inclusion logic from suite/ to the locales Makefile, as it actually belongs here.
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As for testing, I would hope that mozilla/tools/l10n/ would be able to create a localization for you.

I'm not sure that we need all the existing-profile-defaults.js stuff. Firefox needed that to change default preferences without changing existing users. And I'm not sure how well it works anyway right now.

Those nits aside, I think you need Benjamin's review more than mine, I wouldn't know if he has anything in the pipeline that changes stuff in the repackaging. Benjamin?
This patch updates with trunk after the searchplugins part is in now and removes the existing-profile-defaults.js I had in the last version.

Requesting review from Benjamin instead of Axel per comment #2
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add langpack and repackaging to suite/locales, v1.1

I did not review this especially carefully but on skim it looks like it matches browser/locales. If you haven't, you should probably check mail/locales to make sure that any mail-specific stuff is handled properly.
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The only special thing I see in mail/locales is ispdata which we don't ship at all atm, as our mail owner was not happy with the current solution.
If we want to add that anyways, it should be OK to do it at a later point and in a separate bug.

Oh, and no wonder it matches browser/locales, as I took that as a base ;-)

Checked in on trunk.
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