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Oversize context menu no longer scrolls, just extends offscreen


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After the landing of bug 279703, too-large context menus are no longer cropped, with scrolling arrows, they now just extend infinitely offscreen.

1. If you don't already have it, add the boolean pref extensions.checkCompatibility set to false, so I don't have to repackage my test extension from years ago.
2. Install which is an extension from bug 283679 that adds a bunch of context menu items when you right click an image (or, the actual user-step, keep installing extension after extension until your context menu's that bloated).
3. Restart, right click an image.

The context menu shows, extending off the bottom of the screen with no way to get to the invisible items.

At least, the 1.8 behavior of cropping the menu to the size from the click spot to the edge of the screen, with scrolling arrows at each end (and for bonus points, without the bug 283679 behavior of then showing them in context menus that don't need them), or possibly the behavior requested amidst all the spam in bug 245163 of first moving the origin toward the top of the screen, and then only overflowing if the whole menu still won't fit.
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Blocks: 283679
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Not sure if this is the right fix, and I unfortunately don't remember what this line of code was added for. I don't see any issues myself, but it would need more eyes to do some testing here.
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Haven't seen any issues running with this. I suspect I added this line to workaround an issue I ended up fixing a different way.
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include a test

OK, let's give it a shot
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Had to disable one of the tests here, but will investigate it
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fix the todo line in the test by making sure to add the window offset to the rectangle offsets in every situation

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Checked in the updated test
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