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Add toolbar button to maximize unifinder


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Build view that enlists all existing event/task records on a row by row basis. (where each separate event / task entry has it's own row).

Just like the email or contacts header overview in Thunderbird, this view should allow the user to easily:
 * choose columns to be displayed
 * sort records by column
 * filter records by context (title, location, description, callendar, timing, ...)

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Steps to Reproduce:
1. Go to calendar application
2. Navigate to 'Calendar' menu and choose 'List view'
A similar view already exists in Sunbird, even if is quite hidden.
You can display this view dragging down with the mouse the separator line that is placed immediately below the toolbar.
This view displays only a subset of the event properties:
title, start, end, category, location, status and the calendar name.
These columns can be sorted.

I think that this view can be greatly improved in the following ways:
- it should be added to the other four views of Sunbird (day, week, multi-week, month), and should be present in the menu and in the toolbar
- the output of this view should be displayed in the main panel of Sunbird, as it is for the other views
- the user should be able to choose which column to display, choosing among all the event properties
I need to clarify that the similar view described above is present only in Sunbird, and not in Lightning (for version 0.5 of both products).
A reason more to whish it become a standard view.
This "view" is called the unifinder. It shouldn't be hard to create a toolbar button that expands the unifinder over the whole content area. As I think it wont hurt to integrate this into the main app (i.e it could be done in an extension, but that would be a very small extension), I am confirming this.

Issues that already have a bug or are WFM:
* It is possible to choose the columns that are displayed, see the column picker at the right of the tree.
* Sorting is already possible
* For filtering, see bug 118122
* The unifinder is visible in all four views.
* For integration of the unifinder in lightning, see bug 372829 and bug 372830.

Gathered remaining issues:
* Allow the main view to be collapsed so that only the unifinder is displayed, similar to the mail list/mail preview.
* Add toolbar button to maximize the unifinder

Modifying the title to fit the remaining issues.
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Summary: List view → Add toolbar button to maximize unifinder
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My wish is to have a "List View" that is independent of the other four views.

However, I'd be happy with the following compromise:  If I'm in month view, for example, I'd like to be able to completely hide the unifinder normally, but use your proposal to maximize the unifinder over the month view when I click your toolbar button.  If I click the button a second time, then it would completely hide the unifinder again.

I use Lightning, but I noticed in Sunbird that I can hide the unifinder in month view by dragging the splitter to the top, so maybe my request is reasonable?  (for both Lightning and Sunbird?)
The toolbarbutton should be modeled so that:

* enabling it maximizes it so that the view is not visible
* disabling it restores the old height. (If it was collapsed to the top before, 
  this means it will return to being collapsed afterwards, which makes it look 
  like a view)
* Optionally (to make it look like a view), the toolbar button could be in the 
  same group as the view toolbar buttons.
I think we'll address this with the tasks view (which is planned for 0.9).
This stuff is currently in a very early planning stage [1,2]. As always any
feedback, or suggestions are welcome.

I think the button ("find events" - button) is wanted 1.0. The restoring of unifinder height works as expected. It's not possible to hide the complete calendar view, the topbar (containing tabs for week, month etc) always stays but this is no problem imho. Imho there's no need to create a new view as the only difference would be this top-bar of the calendar.
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I'm not convinced we will actually need the unifinder as a fullscreen view in the future. The goal is to provide searching possibilities in an extra tab using the thunderbird search mechanism. This would supersede the original idea of the unifinder.

Providing a list-view of events similar to the task view is something we might want to talk about, although personally I think this is something that can be done nicely in an extension.
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Is this bug still avaialbe for someone to work on?
Hi Zach, nobody is currently working on this bug. To get started and for easier development, I'd suggest creating an extension that provides the above mentioned behavior. I'd start out with making it possible to collapse the view by dragging the splitter between the events list ("unifinder") and the day/multiday views.

If you notice that its very cludgy to do this as an extension and/or would rather set up a real development environment, you can get started at
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Hello is this bug available . I want to contribute in fixing this issue.
Yes, please go ahead. The above comments should sufficiently describe the issue, you can start this as an extension if you like.
I'm a student at Seneca college learning open source, and I was hoping to work on this bug for my course.  If no one else is currently working on it, I'd like to give it a try.
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I want to contribute in fixing this bug, how can I start it as an extension please?

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(In reply to Bukola Felicia Akinnadeju from comment #14)

I want to contribute in fixing this bug, how can I start it as an extension please?

see comment 10. If you need help with add-ons, see

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Would love to work on this project. Please do well to assign it to me.


hello, I would like to fixing this bug as first contribution. pls guide me

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