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Hello, I started a team to translate Firefox to Walloon language;
downloaded the needed files from CVS and have some preliminary
work done and tested; and would like to commit it back to CVS so it can be included in official releases.

(see also bug #339579 )

question: would it be better to use "wa-BE" or just "wa" for that locale? (there won't be Walloon versions for other countries)

I'm familiar with cvs and ssh.

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11 years ago
The CVS Contributor Form has at the bottom a lone for the "Printed Name";
but how can I print exactly there if the file is a PDF and I cannt edit it?
Or is it enough to write my name in capitals, with a line before and after it; with a pencil?


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11 years ago
Pablo: Filling out your name in capitals would be fine for the CVS form. You can return it to me via email if you wish. I will also need you to attach an SSH key to the bug and we need someone that already has access to vouch for you. Adding Axel to the bug since he will give me the OK when your account is ready to go.
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11 years ago
Created attachment 279912 [details]
SSH public key

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11 years ago
Just following up because I have not yet seen the form. Feel free to send along as an email attachment to marcia@mozilla.org.

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11 years ago
I have sent the form, as an image attachement, and in a second email as an attachement of a zip archive with the image inside; havent' you received it yet?

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11 years ago
Pablo, we're handing out CVS access after the registration process.

As indicated by Gerv in bug 339579 comment 2, you should file a new bug, let's leave that bug incomplete. Removing bug 339579 from the dependency chain.

Please see http://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Starting_a_localization for more information.
No longer blocks: 339579

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11 years ago
I don't understand the filing a new bug part.
I have followed the Starting a localization steps; I got a copy
of the en_US tress (trough anonymous cvs), started translating it
(using the make commands in the howto), created an XPI, several people
tested it.
I also filled the CVS contributor form, created a team page in the wiki,
and open this l10n cvs account request.

Now I need to know who to contact to send him/her, or where to send
what has been done (and what we are still doing).
Should I send a big tarball, or a diff, with what has been translated?

I'm familiar with the cvs/svn system for managing localizations; I've
done it in Gnome, KDE and other projects. If I had the possibility to
commit files I would have populated a 'wa' directory; but I don't
understand very well what I have to do to have the work that has
already been done reach you.

Should I attach the xpi to a bug report? or email it to anyone or email
the url where to get it? (it's ~250KB)


Comment 8

11 years ago
Pablo, there are two work items, one is deciding on a module owner for the localization, aka registration of a localization team and its lead, and one is getting that module owner cvs write access. We track those two items in separate bugs.

The registration process is detailed on http://wiki.mozilla.org/L10n:Becoming_an_Official_Localization, which is the follow-up page to the one linked above, in particular in the Preparation paragraph.

Just use the link provided there, that will help you in filing the bug, and set the summary to [wa] Walloon localization: Firefox.

Please attach a tarball of the source to that bug and request review from me, you do that by setting the 'r' flag to '?', and enter l10n@mozilla.com as requestee.

To answer your question on the wiki page, yes, short locale names it is, let's just go for 'wa'.

QA Contact: justdave → cvs-acct-req
Due to a recent overhaul of the committer's agreement, we are requiring new forms be sent for accounts that have yet to be created, even if you have already filled out and submitted the old CVS Contributor Form. Please download the form at http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/committer/committers-agreement.pdf and submit it according to the directions specified at http://www.mozilla.org/hacking/notification/. We apologize for this necessary inconvenience. If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Thanks!
This request has been inactive for a long time, so closing it out to get it off
the list of open bugs. Feel free to reopen or file a new bug if you're still
interested in access.
Last Resolved: 9 years ago
Resolution: --- → INCOMPLETE
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