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with gfx.color_management turned ON grayscale images display badly


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user_pref("gfx.color_management.enabled", true);

Images in a webpage, or images displayed standalone turn to solid black on OS X, on Win a 4 band gradient.

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Confirming on WinXP.

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Blocks: colorsync
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Duplicate of this bug: 395236
same behaviour on Vista

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The test file, which is a PNG 8-bit grayscale image, has a PNG iCCP chunk containing an Adobe printer GRAYXYZ profile, and PNG gAMA and cHRM chunks that contain sRGB values.  The decoder is supposed to ignore the gAMA and cHRM chunks if it is able to decode iCCP.
Right.  If you look at the code, there's a copy of the section I deleted inside a "if (!decoder->mTransform)" right above it.  Thus my guess that this was a result of a merge gone wrong at some point in the past.
I'm not a reviewer but the patch looks fine to me.  As you say it simply
fixes a botched merge.
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mismerge of the cms patch at some point in its past

Quite safe change that will make grayscale PNGs display correctly with color management turned on.
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Checked in.
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The xkcd link works for me, but the Phaistos Disc images at (e.g. show up as black rectangles. They work after setting gfx.color_management.enabled to false and restarting the browser.

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Those work for me, but only with the 170kb large kodak_dc.icm
(In reply to comment #10)
Black rectangles on OS X... :-(
Please open new bugs for problems found long after the checkin of the original.

That said, the problem seems to lie in the images.  That particular image has an invalid looking cHRM chunk:

  chunk cHRM at offset 0x00035, length 32
    White x = 0 y = 0,  Red x = 0 y = 0
    Green x = 0 y = 0,  Blue x = 0 y = 0
sounds like the original bug here was fixed and that the rest isn't a bug?
Right, this should be marked FIXED again.  I will look into detecting and
rejecting erroneous cHRM chunks with zero white point within libpng.
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Closed: 14 years ago14 years ago
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Libpng-1.2.23 will reject all-zero cHRM data.  The test images mentioned
in comment #10 will still not look quite right, though, because they have
bad gAMA chunks (containing 0xFFFF FFFF) as well, which will defeat the
anti-aliasing (all gray levels will be rendered as black).
Depends on: 406554
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