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Remember current locale for in-page article links


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When a page links to another page using the English page name, the actual page served should be the current locale. 

User visits, which has a link to a related article Article2. When clicking on it, the "/sv/" part of the URL should be maintained even though the in-page link didn't explicitly link to the Swedish version of the page. The user should end up on
To clarify, this bug is about using the wiki syntax for links to other pages. If you only refer to the English page name in the link, it should remember the locale the user is visiting. So in the example above, even though the link pointed to "Article2" (English name of article), it should still serve the Swedish page if a translation exists.
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Assignee: nobody → nelson
See Bug 398353  for more info
Closed: 14 years ago
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This is SUMO-specific handling of URLs

Not sure about upstream...
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This doesn't seem sumo_only to me, as it could influence how the wiki parser generates internal links in any multilingual situation, and how those links are interpreted. The bug linked in comment 2 has more information, but neither of them have patches or revision numbers. >.<
There doesn't appear to have been any code committed specifcally to SUMO for this, it's using underlying Tiki behavior anyway.  Nothing to upstream.
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