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"Potentially outdated" flag/status for localized articles


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When a significant change is made on the en-US version of a KB article, there should be a way to automatically mark all localized versions of the page as "potentially outdated".

There should be a checkbox visible during the en-US article editing reading e.g. "This change requires the localized versions to be updated as well." If that checkbox is checked, the status of all l10n versions of the article would be "potentially outdated".

From an implementation point of view, this could be a bool field in the article table of the tikiwiki database.
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Quick comments after tonight's checkin:

* I suggest moving the checkbox down to the submit buttons, since this is related to the majority of the edit, and not so much of the language.

* Current text is "This is an important edit that needs to be translated." I think this needs to be clarified even further to make the editor aware of the impact of checking it. Something like: "This is a significant edit that should mark other translations of the article as potentially outdated." Please help me clean the wording up if this is not good.

"This is an significant edit of this article that should mark other translations as outdated."
ok. I will change that. btw, the feature is still lacking an easy way to clear the critical tags --- they keep building up.

What event should clear the critical tags anyway? Can we assume that whenever a staging page is approved, that the person approving has taken care of all translations required? Is there another UI needed (for staging pages, maybe?)
ok this is done.

Also, please check out the new translation module (right column) - viewable after login, that shows you what are the translations that are more up-to-date or less up-to-date than the current page. If you update the translations through clicking on the "Update this" or "Update from this" links here, the system tracks the up-to-dateness of each translation viz-a-viz other locales.

One snag still existing: this does not work right until the page is approved for the first time (it kind of resets itself after the first approval, after which information is based on the staging copy), but this should be not be an issue I think.
I've been under the impression that this is how tell the difference between minor edits and regular edits.
minor: not worth looking at for translators
regular: translators should take note

Also, if the page does not have the tag, there should be nothing to confirm it. "This page and all its translations are up to date." may give a wrong impression that the current content has been checked recently.
The translation module takes into account all changes at the moment to determine more up to date or not, regardless of the "Potentially outdated" flag/status.

If there is a "Potentially outdated" flag/status, then there is an additional notice on top of the page. See bug 398357.

I suggest we keep it as it is for now and see how things evolve. We can change the wording to make this clearer. There are advantages to having visibility even of changes not flagged with significant edit. The idea is to encourage spontaneous translation among translators/people who read more than one language. If this does not work, we can change the behavior of the module later.

the translation module will now not appear if there is nothing to translate (i.e. the "this page and all its translations are up to date" situation).
This is not testable right now. Nelson wrote in IM that he needs to fix some stuff first: "Not only must every translation be approved, there must be a staging copy."
it is now ready to be tested
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Seems to be working fine in both staging and KB. 
Verified FIXED; we've all seen this working.
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This is part of the Cross Lingual Wiki Engine (CLWE).

"Urgent Translation" adds a note on all translations that the information can no longer be trusted, and links to better translations.

"Partial Translation" indicates to the system that the translation is not
complete and to keep track of what is missing (so translator has a good diff to
work with), so it can be done later.

There is also the "Minor" button. This indicates that something changed (ex.:
fixed a typo) that does not affect translations. 

Overall, the system is very powerful (we are not aware of other projects having
things that are as advanced). It has evolved massively since 1.10. It is also
better explained what it does (tooltips on buttons such as these).

A demo screencast:

The Cross-Lingual Wiki Engine: Enabling Collaboration Across Language Barriers

Architecture for Collaborative Translation Synchronization

What was done and what is on the Roadmap:
Whiteboard: tiki_triage → tiki_fixed
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