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Core bugs causing problems for SeaMonkey 2


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This bug is here for tracking all bugs in "Core" that cause problems for the Gecko-1.9-based SeaMonkey 2 release.

Anything that causes the SeaMonkey team a need to omit a major improvement or hack out a nasty workaround because of this bug or missing feature in "Core" should go up here.

"Core" in this context means everything shared with XULRunner/Firefox, which is rapidly nearing freezes currently.
Also, we are only interested in things here which are not otherwise already marked as blocking 1.9, we are only tracking things that are showstoppers for SeaMonkey but not general 1.9, and which might not be fixed otherwise.

Please only add bugs here if you are in the SeaMonkey Council or in the team of people actively working on SeaMonkey 2 - everyone else, please nominate relevant bugs via comment, along with good explanations of why they cause major headaches for SeaMonkey 2.

And remember, only bugs here that are affected by Firefox/Gecko freezes - everything else can be tracked with other nominations.
I think a one-line description of why we need them would be good here:

bug 321172 - the mozStorage XUL templates are needed for getting the history window working after the places change, maybe even for download manager.

bug 349985 - needed so that the logo on "About SeaMonkey" links to the correct page, and we have linkified relnotes there. A nasty workaround may be possible.
Oh, and bug 398752 tracks fixes we want but are not dependent upon.
bug 382437 - we need this to be able to switch mailnews to the new login manager and kill wallet.
Depends on: 382437
bug 407725 - Neil says the current toolkit code sucks badly enough that he would fork the code for SeaMonkey if this patch doesn't go into toolkit.
Depends on: 407725
Depends on: 358599, 396519
bug 396519 and bug 358599 - those are about crashing with SeaMonkey's implementation of undo close tab, we need to rip out that feature if this can't be fixed.
bug 419452 or bug 330458 - one of those needs to be fixed to make overlaying of pref panes possible, which is needed to make the appearance pane work as expected (chatzilla, mailnews, editor items only being present when those components are installed).
Depends on: 330458, 419452
bug 419452 is fixed and makes the appearance pref pane work, so removing bug 330458 from this blocker list.
No longer depends on: 330458
I'm closing this, all really major problems were solved for SeaMonkey 2.0

Oh, and we could ship with bug 349985 even though we didn't like it, but given that and us now having a potential woraround as well, I'm moving it to the "nice-to-have" list in bug 398752.
Closed: 14 years ago
No longer depends on: 349985
Resolution: --- → FIXED
Product: Core → Core Graveyard
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